Telangana: ‘His’ plan to rob the country.. Interesting comments of BJP leader Dr. Laxman..

BJP OBC Morcha national president and Rajya Sabha member Dr. Laxman Ghatu made comments on Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao. Speaking to TV9 in Tirupati, he predicted that KCR’s national party will not have any influence. Anyone can form a party in democracy. Dr. Laxman criticized that KCR is robbing Telangana with family rule. He made harsh comments saying that the National Party wants to rob the country. They said that KCR’s style of dealing is like a person who cannot climb a ladder and a ladder to the sky. Dr. Laxman alleged that Telangana society is suffering today and no person in Telangana is happy under KCR rule. He said that CM KCR once said that it is the third front, once again that it is the fourth front and another time that it is a non-congress alliance, and he himself does not have faith in his words.

Dr. Lakman stated that Nitish, Uddav, Soren and Stalin who met KCR are all Congress supporters. Josyam said that the day when KCR will also join the Congress fold is near. He criticized that TRS is sinking in Telangana. Laxman criticized that they are in a hurry to call the national party to divert the attention of the people of Telangana. He said that TRS is a disappearing party in Telangana and people have lost faith in the party.

Meanwhile, it is known that the leaders of TRS and BJP in Telangana are criticizing each other every day. If the TRS is wronging the central government's policies, the BJP leaders are criticizing the policies of the TRS government in Telangana. On the other hand, since the Telangana Legislative Assembly election is almost a year away, the BJP is focusing on strengthening Telangana, while the TRS is focusing on maintaining its strength. But Kamalam Party is trying its best to attract the leaders who are dissatisfied with TRS and join BJP. BJP's attitude in Telangana is irritating TRS. The TRS is also strategizing to thwart the BJP's efforts to woo the party's staunch leaders at the field level. As part of this, the leaders of both the parties are criticizing each other severely. It remains to be seen how the TRS leaders will react to the harsh comments made by senior BJP leader Dr. K. Laxman.

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