TDP’s demand for a discussion on CM’s Delhi tour- Absence from the House on the fifth day

TDP’s demand for a discussion on CM’s Delhi tour- Absence from the House on the fifth day

At the beginning of the fifth day of the assembly meetings, the leaders of the Telugu country raised slogans in the assembly. Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy insisted on allowing the adjournment resolution to discuss issues related to his visit to Delhi. With this, Minister Buggana first proposed to suspend TDP members. Buggana suggested that Achchennaidu, Adireddy Bhavani, Chinarajappa, Bendalam Ashok, Ganababu, Velagupudi, Manthena Ramaraju, Sambasivarao, Gottipati Ravikumar, Balaveeranjaneya, Gadde Rammohan be suspended. To this extent, the speaker said that they are being suspended for one day. This is the fifth consecutive time that TDP members have been suspended. 

As soon as the question hour started…

As the question hour started, the TDP members insisted on the adjournment resolution. He demanded a discussion on Chief Minister Jagan’s visit to Delhi. However, Legislative Affairs Minister Buggana clarified that the proposal of TDP members is against the traditions of the Assembly. He expressed anger that they are trying to waste the meeting. Earlier YCP members demanded to discuss Chandrababu’s visits to Delhi. This caused confusion in the assembly. TDP members surrounded the speaker’s podium and protested.  Some of the TDP members went to the speaker’s chair and protested by tearing copies of their agenda. With this, the Speaker asked the House to take some decision on this matter. 

Mandipada Buggana…

Finance Minister Buggana spoke on the concerns of the Telugu nation in the House. It is suggested that it is not appropriate to waste the conversation. The TDP members, however, insisted on telling the reason for the Chief Minister’s visit to Delhi. They continued their protest saying that it was for their own benefit…for the benefit of the state… As the chaos continues in the assembly, the minister cheekily proposed to suspend the TDP members and the speaker gave his approval. MLA Nimmala protested. They protested by displaying a banner outside the Assembly with a placard. They want to complete the remaining 10 percent of the work, not the colors of the built houses. Saying that it was free on 2017, he said that today Jagan is pledging the beneficiaries of TIDCO houses to the banks, and that Jagan is winning over the beneficiaries of TIDCO houses without spending a single rupee in four years.

Celebrations on MLC’s victory. >..
TDP leaders celebrated the victory of Telugu nation in MLC elections. Victory celebrations were held at Buddha Venkanna’s house under the leadership of former MLC Buddha Venkanna and Nagul Meera. Chandrababu   performed Palabhisheka for the film. Jaganmohan Reddy’s downfall started with the recovery of Prajaprajavedi,   Buddha Venkanna said. Telugu people everywhere want Chandrababu Naidu to become Chief Minister.

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