TDP Protest: CI Durgasekhar Reddy hit a TDP worker – Telugu brothers protest even in the rain!

TDP Protest: CI Durgasekhar Reddy hit a TDP worker – Telugu brothers protest even in the rain!

TDP Protest: TDP ranks staged a large-scale protest against Ambedkar Konaseema district’s Amalapuram town CI for beating TDP worker. They asked to take strict action against the CI who kept the stalls on the road regardless of the rain. The ranks of TDP are alleging that the CI over-performed during the victory celebrations organized by the TDP leaders in Amalapuram. After TDP won two seats in the MLC election for graduates, a large police force came as fireworks were set off at the Amalapuram clock pillar centre. They tried to stop them. In this order, CI Durga Shekhar Reddy laid hands on a TDP activist. After learning about the matter, the ranks of TDP expressed their anger against the urban CI. Amalapuram town CI was asked to be immediately suspended on the road. In front of the town police station they raised slogans saying ‘CI down down’. After this, CI Durgasekhar Reddy, who backed down, finally apologized to the TDP workers.

"The CI doesn’t like Reddy who is new in Amalapuram. The CI, who is a YCP partisan, did not want the Telugu Desam Party to interfere, or he came to a TDP worker and slapped him on the cheek. Don’t wait until you apologize. There is something wrong with it. Is it a democracy or not? Everyone who wins celebrates. He wears whistles, wears balls, burns medicine. Not yesterday but the other day YCP shot the drug. YCP fired in the assembly local body elections. Then why didn’t this CI go and stop it. Then why didn’t CI strike. Did the CI come to Amalapuram to save YCP? Did he come to trouble the Telugu Desam party.. CI should apologize."  – TDP ranks

TDP won two seats in the MLC elections held in Andhra Pradesh. If the elections were held in three graduate constituencies, TDP won two. As the percentage of votes in favor of the quota was not received in the counting of first priority votes, the winner was declared as per elimination. The candidate who gets less votes in the elimination round will be eliminated from the contest. The second preference votes they get are counted and added to those who get the most votes. Two candidates from TDP won with the second preference votes. 

East Rayalaseema graduate constituency means common brilliance – Nellore – TDP has won the Chittoor Constituency Graduate Legislative Council Election. The candidate of that party, Kancharla Srikanth, won the victory. The winner with second preference votes. Kancharla Srikanth won with 34,108  votes. The second preference votes were 11,511 for the Telugu Desam candidate, while the YCP candidate got 3,900 votes. The TDP candidate was declared the winner by getting 50%+1 votes.

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