TDP Manifesto: This Time Welfare- Development Plus, Tomorrow TDP Election Manifesto: Chandrababu

TDP Manifesto: This Time Welfare- Development Plus, Tomorrow TDP Election Manifesto: Chandrababu

TDP Manifesto: TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu stated that welfare, development plus Telugu Desam Party is the goal. The first election manifesto phase-1 will be released tomorrow (Sunday, May 28) on the occasion of Mahanadu. Chandrababu revealed that it will be appreciated by the people and will be an ideal for the future. 

‘The cycle is ready whenever the elections come’

Because of the work done in Telangana, the foundation laid by TDP Chandrababu said that the state has reached the number one level in the country. Babu criticized that the destruction done during the YCP regime in these four years has led to the eventuality of AP. The responsibility of strengthening the Andhra Pradesh state again, we will create programs so that the state of Andhra Pradesh is at one and the same place in the country, equal to all the states. Telugu country has that strength and power.  Tomorrow Rajamahendravaram will be shaking. All eyes in the state are on Rajamahendravaram. Babu said the cycle is ready whenever the elections come. 

The Mahanadu assembly hall is bustling with representatives of the Telugu Desam Party. As soon as Telugu Desam Party National General Secretary Nara Lokesh reached Mahanadu, activists and fans shouted slogans. Presidents of Telugu Desam Party AP and Telangana states addressed

— Telugu Desam Party (@JaiTDP) May 27, 2023

‘Let’s support through the first election manifesto’

‘Let’s make plans for the welfare of the poor and what to do for the development of the state. Let’s release the first election manifesto tomorrow. Let’s support it. Let’s create wealth continuously.. Let’s distribute that wealth to the poor. Let’s all make aspiration for the poor to become rich. Jagan.. He wants to be rich and everyone else wants to be poor. But I want people to be rich. Let’s all work together for that. Telugu Desam Party will be cleared in the coming days. Chandrababu commented that we are ready whether the elections come in 2024 or before that. 

BCs sharing Josh in song form.#Mahanadu2023 #NTRCentenaryCelebrations #100YearsOfNTR #Rajamahendravaram #MahanaduinRajahmundry

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‘Let’s kill the Kauravas and make the assembly an honorable assembly’

We want to connect with the people, we want to get along with the poor TDP arrays"Chandrababu" href="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords">Chandrababu called. He said that the youth march is also successful. It is said that the youth are enthusiastically participating in the Yuvagalam Padayatra. He said that he wholeheartedly appreciates the work of the party ranks. It is suggested that carelessness will not work in the upcoming Kurukshetra war. It is now or never.. The main thing is whether we will save this state or not. Babu called everyone to take the responsibility of protecting this state and the future of future generations.  They once again said that they will kill the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra war and make the assembly an honorable assembly. 

If the opponents put a knife on Jagan’s neck and give Jagan, they will leave him alive even if Chandrayaiah, an activist who sacrificed his life for the Telugu Desam Party… his resolve should be taken as an example by everyone in the party @ncbn called on the party ranks on the platform of Mahanadu

— Telugu Desam Party (@JaiTDP) May 27, 2023

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