TDP Mahanadu News: Flexi war in Rajahmundry, TDP and YCP banners in competition – TDP jhalak in front of MP’s house!

TDP Mahanadu News: Flexi war in Rajahmundry, TDP and YCP banners in competition – TDP jhalak in front of MP’s house!

TDP Mahanadu two-day event is being held in a grand manner by Telugu Desam. The Mahanadu Sabha was organized in a far away area from Rajahmundry, but now the real Vedam is reigning in Rajahmundry city. Named Rajahmundry MP Bharat‌Ram‌ Flexi with photos appeared.

Not only that.. MP Bharat‌ on the huge hoardings in the main centers of Rajahmundry city, stating the development of Rajahmundry. The huge flexes that have been set up are visible.. Meanwhile, MP Bharat Near the house, TDP welcome gates and huge flexi TDP arrays have been set up along the main road. As a result, TDP Mahanadu is the center of the ruling party and TDP has a war of flexibilities. It seems to be running. 

All of Rajahmundry is yellow.. 
Rajahmundry City and Rural‌ Wherever you see in the areas, TDP flexi is being set up and TDP flags are being put up. From Vemagiri Bridge to Mahanadu Sabha venue late NTR‌, Chandrababu, Lokesh‌, other important leaders along with local leader, Rajahmundry Rural‌ MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chaudhary, Urban‌ MLA Adireddy Bhavani and her husband Adireddy Srinivas‌ Huge flexi were arranged in the name. Wherever you look along the national highway, all the surrounding areas of Rajahmundry have turned yellow. 

Chandrababu and Lokesh reached Rajahmundry
On Saturday, the meeting of chief leaders and representatives was going to be held, and the former chief minister was to participate in this program. , TDP National President Nara Chandrababu reached Rajahmundry on Friday evening. He will reach the local Manjira Hotel and hold a Politburo meeting there. From there he will come to the House of Representatives and stay there for the night and participate in the program. All arrangements have already been made for this meeting in 20 acres at Vemagiri. All arrangements have been made for Chandrababu to stay here. The next day in a huge public meeting arranged in an area of ​​about 60 acres opposite the delegates’ conference Chandrababu will participate. National Secretary Nara Lokesh, who is participating in Yuvagalam. He will reach Rajahmundry on Friday night.

Allegation of removing flexis..
YCP blade‌ Batch‌ TDP leaders are alleging that they are cutting. Many banners set up in Rajahmundry city were already cut by unknown persons with blades on Thursday night. This is not a good tradition. 

Strong security..
To be held in Rajahmundry for two days

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