TDP Leader Anita Warns YSRCP : Fake Posts on TDP Leader Anita – Warning of Atrocity Case!

TDP Leader Anita Warns YSRCP : Fake Posts on TDP Leader Anita – Warning of Atrocity Case!


TDP Leader Anita Warns YSRCP :  Former Telugu Desam Party MLA Anita  a video morphed on Women’s Day and posted on social media is becoming controversial. This video was also aired by YSR‌CP affiliated media. At the same time, TDP AP President Achchennaidu also created a letter asking her for an explanation regarding this video. As this too was fake, former MLA Anita got angry. YSR‌CP leaders were lashed out at the press meet. 

Jagan stooped to fake trolling&zwnj:  Anita

Everyone knows that Jagan is a fake CM.. My fake on the occasion of Women’s Day. In the press meet held in Visakha, Anita severely criticized that he had descended into trolling. He said that it is bad to edit the words he spoke… Even the mother of the person who did this should not be ashamed.. The person who did it should be ashamed. Knowing that Jagan will not become the CM again, they were furious that he edited this and was enjoying himself.  It is known that it was Pradeep who edited this.  It’s okay for people who are useless on social media.. But what has happened to Sakshi TV, which boasts so much, Anita asked. Anita was furious that they were trolling her and threatening her. 

Fake letter in the name of Achennaidu: Anita

Apart from trolling her video..  A letter in the name of TDP president Achennaidu. Fake show cause letter released.. Jagan batch  Rs. 5  Fake people are living in hope.. The people who live in the mud came YCP fake batch.   TDP’s Telugu woman president said the honor given by TDP to a Dalit woman as a member of the Politburo.  He announced that he will file a police complaint against the witness or the fake batch… and file an atrocity case.  Anita challenged you to show your talent on Natthi Pakodi Gadi that you will not leave like others.. They warned that those who do such fake campaigns will come to their houses and crush them with a broom. 

Telugu Desam Party strongly condemned!

TDP was furious over the fact that they faked and trolled their party’s female leader on Women’s Day. . She asked if this is politics. The leaders of that party asked if they are not ashamed to do politics by doing such fake campaigns with the I Pack media without being able to win the people. 

This is the meanness of Bulugu dogs. This is a fake letter created by YCP media that TDP woman leader and Telugu women president Vangalapudi Anita garu spoke in favor of Jagan Reddy in Yuvagalam padayatra and the TDP state president gave a show cause notice. What Jagan Reddy! Is this your politics?

— Telugu Desam Party (@JaiTDP) March 9, 2023


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