TDP: Kakinada district’s TDP factional differences.. Ex-MLC Buddha Venkanna..

In Kakinada district TDP, class differences have once again emerged. Group politics came to light in the constituency meeting organized at the district TDP office. Activists from two groups clashed over the post of constituency in-charge against former MLC Buddha Venkanna and Bandaru Satyanarayana. They raised slogans against each other. A controversy broke out when the Telugu brothers raised slogans to give the post of constituency in-charge to Pilli Satthibabu. Tension arose for a while when another group raised slogans saying that he should not be given the post of in-charge.

The conflict between the two factions has reached a fever pitch as the Pilli Satthibabu couple has been accused of corrupting the party for three years. There was a scuffle between the two sides. It went on until they got their hands on each other. Pilli Satyanarayan's couple burst into tears due to the quarrel that arose in the meeting. And it has become interesting whether this controversy will stop with this or will it go to the attention of the administration.

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