Success story: The success story of a young man who left his software job and is farming in a drought district and is earning lakhs is for you.

Milky Mushroom Farming: Some people think that education is not related to job. Others.. get a job suitable for education.. a job that pays lakhs and live happily. Especially nowadays the youth of today are thinking that the job is software engineer. A job as a software engineer is expected to give a salary in life. In this background, a young man studied Master of Computer Science. After completing his studies, he got a job as a software engineer in a good company. But he realized that he was passionate about agriculture rather than a job. He immediately said goodbye to the job and entered the agricultural sector. No matter how many people like him, he has followed his chosen path to achieve success in his chosen field. He stands as an example for the four by doing agriculture differently and earning profits. Rs per month Here is the success story of a young man from Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, who left a job with a salary of lakhs and became a farmer who provides rice for four.

Rajesh Kumar from Nidarwada, Shinganamala Mandal, Anantapur District, works as a software engineer. Rajesh used to go to his hometown every Saturday and Sunday.. He used to go to the farm. At that time he found out why losses occur in agriculture. In this background, he focused on mushroom cultivation. Five years ago Rs. He took up mushroom cultivation with lakhs. Realizing that carelessness in mushroom cultivation will lead to losses, Rajesh focused fully on mushroom farming. He has collected the complete details on how to do mushroom farming for success.

He took up cultivation of milk mushrooms. First take good quality paddy straw and cook it well and dry it without germs. Put 120 grams of mushroom seeds in a polythene cover and wrap one inch thick paddy straw around it.. Then add mushroom seeds and wrap paddy straw around it. Rajesh said that these covers should be kept in a dark room and proper care should be taken to prevent mosquitoes from entering. 25 After the birth of mycelium fungus.. these polythene covers should be moved to a room with air and light. If you take care to ensure adequate temperature and humidity, after another 10 days, the first cup will come to hand. Then water should be sprinkled on the bundle of mushrooms covered with rice straw. After a few days another bite will appear. 6 to 10 kg putta umbrellas are available in three packs from each polythene cover.

Rajesh is producing 50 kg per day, 2.50 to 3 tons of milk mushrooms per month. They are wholesaled at Rs. 200 for retail at Rs. He is selling up to 300. The dried ones are priced at Rs. 800 is selling. Total per month Rs. He is earning 4 lakhs. These milk mushrooms are in high demand in Bangalore. He is already training some other farmers in mushroom cultivation. Rajesh Kumar says that he will provide free training to the youth who are interested in mushroom cultivation which can earn more profit with less investment.

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