Students Suicides: Another atrocity in Guntur.. A student hanged himself in shame!

Another tragic incident took place in Guntur city. Recently, before the suicide incident of an engineering student was forgotten, another school student committed suicide. Meanwhile, the suicide of a class 9 student in a municipal school in Guntur city has become more disturbing. It was alleged that a 9th class student committed suicide due to teacher harassment. Police have identified him as Akash, who is studying in 9th standard at Nallakunta SKBBM School in Guntur.

However, fellow students explained to the police that the student was not studying properly and was angry that he had to leave the school without taking TC. Akash hanged himself at home in shame. Akash’s parents mourned his death. The parents are demanding strict action against the school staff.

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Recently, the violent death of Unila, an engineering student, by jumping from the top of Kilaru Towers in Koritepadu has created a sensation locally. It is learned that the young woman took her life by force after she kept the certificates of the first year of engineering with her friend. He committed suicide by jumping from the private hostel building where he was staying.. On receiving the information, the police have registered a case and are investigating.

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