Standing in the assembly for 4 hours to speak for 5 minutes: Kotam Reddy

Standing in the assembly for 4 hours to speak for 5 minutes: Kotam Reddy

YCP rebel MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy said that if he tried to speak about the problems of Nellore rural constituency in the assembly, he was unfairly silenced and suspended from the assembly. At the same time, he said that the speaker gave opportunity to five ministers who raised their hands to scold him and made serious allegations against him. He said that the five ministers used to speak well of him in the past, but suddenly he became their enemy.

They spoke rudely..

Kotam Reddy said that although all the ministers spoke properly in front of the mic, off the record they came to him and tried to provoke him. He said that he spoke rudely about his family members and himself. However, he said that there is no abatement, there is no threat, he will continue to fight for the solution of the problems of the rural constituency. MLA Kotam Reddy said that he asked the speaker to give him the mic for 5 minutes. He said that he was standing in the assembly for 4 hours and 10 minutes, but he was not given the space to speak for five minutes, he asked if this is fair.

Mock assembly in rural office..

Assembly budget MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, who was completely suspended from the session, reached Nellore. A mock assembly was conducted at his office premises in Nellore. Kotam Reddy’s followers participated in this. A leader acted as speaker. The Speaker said that Kotam Reddy was telling his problems and let us listen to his problems. After that, Kotam Reddy spoke thanking the Speaker. Finally, the leader who sat in the speaker’s place said that the government did not even give a chance to Kotam Reddy to express his problems and it was as if the government was being suspended for life. MLA Kotam Reddy once again lashed out at the YCP government with the mock assembly.

If he protested in Gandhigiri… he was suspended and sent out by a marshal. He said that if the government does not provide a solution to the bridges on Mulumudi Kalju in Pottepalem Mulumudi in Nellore Rural Constituency before the 30th of this month, then on April 6th, from 8 am to 5 pm, they will undertake a water strike for 9 hours alone. The MLA said that till now he has fought as a peace fighter and henceforth he will continue the same path and asked the government not to do injustice to the rural people out of hatred against him.

After this mock assembly, Tati Venkateshwarlu, a follower of MLA Kotamreddy, who was recently arrested in an attack case, resigned from the party. It was announced that it was being done. He was the president of YCP Nellore City and resigned from his post. He said that he is thankful to all those who have supported him all these years.

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