Srivari Brahmotsavas: Alert to Srivari devotees.. Changes in the timings of Brahmotsavam vehicle services.. Going into full details..

Srivari Brahmotsavas: Srivari Brahmotsavas in Kaliyuga Vaikuntham Tirumala Tirupati are celebrated for nine days. TTD is making all arrangements to conduct the annual Brahmotsavam of Srivari in the presence of devotees after two years. This year Srivari Brahmotsavam will be held from 27th of this month to 5th of October. As part of the Srivari Brahmotsavam, Malayappa Swamy along with Srivari Utsavamurthys Sridevi and Bhudevi will be paraded on 16 vehicles for 9 days to give darshan to the devotees. It is known that the Brahmotsavam was conducted in isolation in the temple for the last two years due to Covid. This time Brahmotsavam will be held in the presence of devotees and it is expected that devotees from all regions will attend in large numbers. In this context, TTD is making appropriate arrangements. Moreover, the speed of work has increased towards completion of all works by 20th.

Along with the winding streets of the temple where Swami strolls, Tirumala Kshetra is beautifully decorated. Tirumala Kshetra is decorated in various ways like electric lamp lights and colorful flowers to feast the eyes. A strong barricade system is being set up in anticipation of a large number of devotees. Tirumala provides facilities for devotees on the hills. Electricity lamps and lighting cut-outs are being installed in the areas where Ka tages, offices and devotees are crowded.

Special Programs:

TTD is making arrangements for the performance of traditional art forms during the vehicle services on the occasion of Srivari's annual Brahmotsavam. These art forms will feast the eyes of the devotees. Artistes from all seven states and one union territory of the country will be participating in the vehicle services. They will perform their respective dance performances. Eminent scholars will convey the uniqueness of the vehicle services through their commentary during the vehicle services.

Change in vehicle service timings during Brahmotsavams:

During Brahmotsavam, vehicle services are operated at 9 am and 9 pm. However, TTD has made changes during the night vehicle services this year. This year, morning vehicle services will be conducted at 8 am, but will start at 7 pm. On the night of 26th of this month, Brahmotsavam will be offered. On 27th at 7 o'clock in the evening, CM Jagan will present the signatures on behalf of the state government.

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