Srivari Brahmotsavam: Will CM Jagan do this for Srivari Brahmotsavam this time.. Janasena leader’s direct question

Srivari Brahmotsavam: Janasena Party leader Tirupati Constituency In-charge Kiran Royal has protested against the speech of ruling party leaders and ministers. Moreover, this year even on the occasion of Brahmotsavam, will the Chief Minister offer silk cloths to Lord Shiva? Or? Former Minister Nani and Minister Roja demanded that the people answer why the CM did not bring his wife Bharti to Tirumala. He said that till now many Chief Ministers have come to Srivari Brahmotsavas and offered silk clothes to Srivara.. And now people are questioning why our CM Jagan is not bringing his wife Bharti Reddy. Will the real Bharti not come? Or not letting the Chief Minister come? People have doubts about it. Shining in silk robes, everyone is eagerly waiting to see Jagan and Bharti Reddy when they come to Tirumala Kshetra.

The YCP leader is the brand ambassador of Vennupotu.. He said that it is ironic that people like Nani and Roja, who are in such a party, talk about their leader Pawan Kalyan. The name of the former minister.. He said that no matter how much he criticizes his leader Pawan Kalyan.. he will not get the post of minister again. Pawan Kalyan is called a weekend politician.. It has been three and a half years since he came to power. Did you bring only one industry? Has anyone been given a job? He asked.

Pawan Kalyan has been very candid about his trip. If their leader takes to the roads, lakhs of people will hit the roads. Appropriate arrangements should be made accordingly. He stated that his trip has been temporarily postponed to keep all of them in mind. Moreover, Kiran Royal predicted that YCP leaders will have sleepless nights if their leader Pawan starts the yatra.

Roja, the Minister of Tourism, traveled abroad while acting in films. Now he is traveling abroad in politics as well. Tourism Minister means.. you want to travel abroad. Can you tell from where the actual minister Roja will contest in the next election? He asked.

The original YCP leaders say that the president of their party, Simham, will come as a single. Why didn't YSR compete as a single in 2004? Why did they make alliances with TRS and Left? Jana Sena Party leader Kiran Royal said that he is answering to the people.

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