Somu On Pawan : Somu Veerraju that Pawan did not say that he will go with TDP for the elections with Jana Sena!

Somu On Pawan : Somu Veerraju that Pawan did not say that he will go with TDP for the elections with Jana Sena!

Somu On Pawan :  AP BJP president Somu Veerraju has announced that he will go to the polls with the Janasena party. He said that Pawan Kalyan did not announce that he will go with TDP in the Avirbhava Sabha held in Machilipatnam. Pawan did not mention TDP anywhere in the speech. He said that he is in alliance with BJP. Regarding Muslims, Pawan Kalyan has said that someone is wrong, but he did not blame BJP.   Some say that if he is with BJP, Muslims will stay away from Jana Sena… If Muslims don’t like him, he will stay away from BJP. He said that if there is an attack on them anywhere while in alliance with BJP, he will withdraw from the alliance. But Somu Veerraju has made it clear that he will have an alliance with Pawan. 

Pawan Kalyan expressed his displeasure with AP BJP leaders in Machilipatnam Sabha.   He blamed the party for not being able to grow. .Pawan made key comments on the manner of the saffron army from Amaravati to strengthening the BJP in Andhra Pradesh. The Bharatiya Janata Party at the center called him first Pawan said that he has respect for Narendra Modi. After that, the topics discussed in the meeting with other leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Pawan commented why they were not implemented when he came to the state. He said that the reasons for that should be told by BJP leaders themselves.                                                                          

Not only that  Saying that we are in alliance..  Pawan countered the Andhra Pradesh leadership of that party.  Pawan Kalyan said that after discussions with the national leadership, their follow-up actions should be in Andhra Pradesh, but the attitude of the leaders here is different. Pawan commented that he is fully aware of this matter, but only the AP BJP leaders are keeping silent. Thus, the rumors about the gap between the two parties are somewhat true.  They say it has become clear.          

After consulting with the leadership at the Centre, Pawan Kalyan further commented that the Telugu nation could be strengthened in the state because the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders did not come forward to work together in Andhra Pradesh. Despite Pawan’s serious comments, Somu Veerraju did not say anything to the BJP and announced that the alliance would continue.

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