Sir Arthur Cotton: Why do Godarols look for a cotton lord in every morsel they eat?

Sir Arthur Cotton: Why do Godarols look for a cotton lord in every morsel they eat?

Sir‌ Arthar‌ Cotton‌. You have seen the miserable life of Godavari people.. British‌ Officers. To assess the favorable conditions for building a dam, Sir Arthur Cotton‌ Sir‌ who came to Rajahmundry and observed that there is good compatibility between Dhavaleswaram and Vijjeswaram for the construction of barrage. Arthar‌ Cotton‌ British‌ Convinced the government. A Maha Yajja was inaugurated in 1847.

Katan became the idol of the people of Godavari Delta by filling their throats with living water. Dara.. His hard work, selfless service, immense intellectual power, and above all his desire to do good to people who are not his own, are Cotton‌ Mahashayudni became a god in the hearts of Godavari people as Aparabhagiradhu.. The dam work started in 1847 with his Ankuthita Diksha was completed by 1852 with thousands of workers, machines brought from abroad, and the whole of it.. Godavari delta breathed its last for the sirula harvest..

< This background is the name of delta..
One side is the sea, two main river branches.. The land in between is called delta. Sir‌ Arthar‌ Cotton‌ lord Katon&zwnj is said to have filled his stomach by eating only bananas while traveling all over this region on horseback. Mahashayudni.. Dhavaleshwaram Barrage‌ After the construction, it was observed that the cultivation of thousands of acres of land on the other side of the Vashishta river will remain unsustainable. Between 1946-48, the construction of aqueduct was carried out and irrigation water was diverted. It was at this time that Mahatalli Dokka Seethamma Cotton, known as Apara Annapurna, The garika pachadi made for Mahashayu is not the most dear to him. British‌ It is said that the government was able to take notice. Dokka Seethamma is remembered even today as the great deity who gave rice to many unfortunate people. The genius who diverted the irrigation water to the areas is Cotton‌ lord He is a visionary Dr‌ Br‌ Ambedkar‌ He has greened many coastal areas in Konaseema district.. Not only in West Godavari district, but also in the combined East Godavari districts, the crop canal system is serving efficiently even during water crisis due to his vision.

God is in every house.. in the heart Koluvai..

Everywhere in the Godavari districts, many standing bronze statues of him riding on a horse can be seen.. His idols and portraits are seen in the houses and government offices of every rice donor. It is remarkable that the habit of eating in memory of him is still there today. Cotton‌ On the birthday of Mahasaya, farmers offer grain to his idol and perform special pooja to him. On his death anniversary, Pinda Pradhan is performed.

Museum with his memories..
Cotton‌ The goods used by the nobility, the engineering designed by him‌ map‌ Dhavaleshwaram Barrage to let today’s generations know that everything is blind. The government established a museum at Here, along with details about him, the machines used to build the dam, the machine materials, his life details and his portraits are included. It is noteworthy that the stone buildings built during his time still serve as the offices of the Water Resources Department and the Irrigation Department.

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