Secretariat Staff Voting: Did the secretariat staff drown? Has the trust of YCP been lost?

Secretariat Staff Voting: Did the secretariat staff drown?  Has the trust of YCP been lost?

Graduates MLC Elections in AP: YSP’s faith in graduates’ constituencies has been shattered. The party thought that especially the employees of the secretariat, their family members, the graduates who are among the volunteers, will vote for the YCP. Candidates were fielded with the same slowness. But the scene is reversed. Not one, not two.. TDP candidates won in all the three places where the contest took place. A challenge was thrown to the ruling party YCP.

In the MLC elections held for five seats in AP, YCP won twice and TDP won three seats. To be clear, teacher MLCs are in YCP’s account and graduate positions are in TDP’s account. It must be said that winning teacher MLCs is one of the greatness of YCP. Because even if there was opposition to the government among the government teachers, the candidates strengthened by YCP overcame it and won. Parvarta Reddy Chandrasekhar Reddy, MV Ramachandra Reddy.. teacher were elected as MLCs. Along with the votes of private teachers, some of the government teachers also won the YCP candidates’ votes. Despite a fierce battle in West Rayalaseema, the Telugu brothers are celebrating as the final victory is TDP’s. TDP candidate Ramagopal Reddy has won in West Rayalaseema.

Where is the difference?

Recently responding to the MLC results, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy also said that 1 lakh 30 thousand secretariat posts have been filled. Said. And in this election held in 9 districts, who did all the employees of that secretariat vote for, who did their family members vote for? There are more than 90 thousand secretariat employees in 9 joint districts. If all their votes went to YCP, victory would have been assured. But that didn’t happen. That’s why YCP lost.

From the beginning, YCP was more targeting the constituency of graduates than the constituency of teachers. The candidates also used to hold special meetings with the secretariat staff while campaigning with the MLAs. It is said that YCP has an accurate count of how many people are there and how many votes are there in whose families. And even in such situations, YCP has lagged behind in poll management. Three seats were won by the TDP.

What if there is no opposition?

The constituencies of Pattabhadras are small and their voting cannot be attributed to all. Sajjala’s argument is that they are not TDP votes, PDF and other votes have gone to TDP. And how do they consider the victory in the teachers’ constituency as the victory of YCP. YCP is not able to say what are the reasons why the success achieved there is not achieved here. The leaders say that they do not see this as opposition to the government. But one lakh and 30 thousand secretarial jobs were filled at the same time.. Complete absence of DSC and few posts in groups were filled.. It can be said that opposition to the state government has increased. That is why political analysts believe that YCP has lost in the constituencies of graduates.

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