Sathya Sai district: Never seen before in Seema.. Ganges gushing out of Boru Bavi

Pathal Ganga is coming up in Sathyasai district which is considered as a carafe for drought. Heavy water is coming out of a bore well in Gajukuntapalli of ODC mandal. Farmers are expressing their surprise as water is coming out of the well which has been stagnant for some time. Even if a stone is placed on the bore to prevent water from flowing, the Ganga will come to boil by kicking that stone too. Seeing the heavy water coming from the bore, Shanwaz, the farmer, was overjoyed.

The ground water level has increased greatly in the region.

Heavy rains fell in the drought zone last month. Rains have created havoc in the combined districts of Kurnool and Anantapur. Streams and bends overflowed and flowed dangerously. Anantapur district, which was desperate for water, was also flooded. The river Chitravati suddenly overflowed due to the mahograrupa of Varuna. Due to the heavy rains which are not used to this, this area has become weak. In many places, the canals and ponds were flooded.

Heavy rains especially in Anantapur district. Not one but two rains broke the 140-year-old record this year. All over the district, the bends of the streams are overflowing. District Collector Gandham Chandradu said that more than 40 TMC of water has entered the ground. He said that due to these rains, there is greenery all over the district. But in some places crops like groundnut and cotton were damaged.

Sri Satyasai district was flooded at a record level. Rivers and bends are overflowing like never before in a decade. As Chitravathi river flooded, Bukkapatnam pond became sea. Due to the torrential rains that are falling across the district, the Dharmavaram pond is overflowing. Officials say that with these heavy rains, the underground water level has risen abnormally.

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