Sankranti: It’s not usual with Godarollas.. New son-in-law feast with 379 types of dishes..

Sankranti: It’s not usual with Godarollas.. New son-in-law feast with 379 types of dishes..

As for the festival of Sankranti.. the arrival of the thunderbolt. The people of Godavari districts named it as a courtesy to the guest. Newcomers who came home on Sankranti felt aura after being served a dinner with 379 types of dishes. It was the son-in-law’s turn to marvel at all the dishes. The mother-in-law filled the entire dining table with all the dishes without any space. The newly arrived son-in-law was shocked to see these manners.

The details are as follows. Bhimrao and Chandralila, a couple from Dongala Mandapam in Eluru city, gave their daughter to Murali from Anakapalli and got married in April last year. As it was the first Sankranti after the marriage, daughter and son-in-law were coming to the festival. The family decided to do something on the occasion of the son-in-law's arrival.. They prepared 379 types of dishes like breads, curries, neems, sweets, fruits, cool drinks, pickles. The dining table was filled with all the dishes.. Son-in-law and daughter were called for dinner. What's more.. It was up to the son-in-law to be shocked by all of them. Both the couple fed kosari kosari to son-in-law and daughter.

However, Godavari districts are the home of culture and traditions, Bhimrao couple said that they have prepared 379 types of dishes with the intention of showing the hospitality here in glory.

Earlier.. Tatavarti Badri and Sandhya, a businessman from Bhimavara in West Godavari district, prepared and served 173 types of dishes to their son-in-law. Sankranti's daughter and son-in-law were invited to their home and treated as guests. Although it was difficult to eat the 173 dishes served by the in-laws with great love, the son-in-law tasted all the dishes to his liking. The son-in-law was overwhelmed by their manners.

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