Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy: Phone tapping allegations are Chandrababu’s scheme, Kotam Reddy is only a role player – Sajjala

Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy: Phone tapping allegations are Chandrababu’s scheme, Kotam Reddy is only a role player – Sajjala

Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy: AP government adviser Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said that everyone knows the motives behind Kotam Reddy’s phone tapping allegations. Speaking to the media in Tadepalli, he alleged that the phone tapping conspiracy was Chandrababu’s scheme. People like Kotamreddy are just actors in this.  Criticized that TDP is in a miserable situation politically. That is why they are trying to create non-existent things. He said that TDP is making accusations of phone tapping only because there are no talking points related to people. He said that we have work to do regarding people and we don’t have time to care about such petty things. He said that in the meeting, the CM will review the activation of various departments of the party, the formation of the party and the countering of the poisonous campaign by the opposition."CM Jagan is conducting a review meeting with the district coordinators to activate the party cadre about the upcoming elections. Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy audio was recorded and released by someone. The person who recorded should come out and speak. Why is it sent to Kotamreddy if the actual phone is tapped? This is Chandrababu’s scheme. This is part of his strategy. If there is phone tapping, you can file a complaint. But it’s not phone tapping. There is no denying that the message went from the Intelligence Chief. When an audio came to his attention, he informed it to Kotam Reddy. Creating a problem that doesn’t exist. Kotam Reddy said that he will contest from TDP. They are doing this drama after getting assurance from Chandrababu. Why investigate when there is no taping. It’s just a four-act drama. Similar things happened during Chandrababu’s time. We have a lot of work to do. There are elections next year. We focus on these. We don’t need this kind of tapping." – Sajjala 

Perni Nani Counter

Former Minister Perni Nani asked if there should be a basis for surveillance on MLAs. Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy said that it was about call recording and it was not phone tapping.  Perni Nani demanded to reveal Kotam Reddy’s phone WhatsApp chatting. The intelligence chief sent a text message to Kotam Reddy to check the audio which is going viral outside. Kotam Reddy wants to question his soul. It is alleged that Kotamreddy went to Chandrababu’s house on December 25 last year in a blue color Benz car. He said that Kotam Reddy was in touch with Lokesh even before that.   CM Jagan said he believed that Kotam Reddy was his man. Jagan is crazy and believes everyone. They asked me by name, how can I be seen from the side while working in one place? He said that when the elections come, it is the time for birds to migrate. Perni Nani accused Kotam Reddy’s act of disloyalty. He said that the Intelligence Department was also in the reign of Satish Chandra Chandrababu. He said that Kotam Reddy’s comments were not out of favor, but with a well-planned plan. Perni Nani accused Kotam Reddy’s friend of recording the call and making it viral.  

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