Roja: “Film is not about hitting dialogues.. We have to compete with CM”.. Minister Roja fires on Pawan Kalyan

Politics in Andhra Pradesh is going on in a whirlwind. The issue of three capitals is creating a stir in the state. If YCP says that three capitals will be established, the opposition parties demand that Amaravati should be kept as the only capital. Andhra Pradesh Minister RK Roja made interesting comments on Janasena Party chief Pawan Kalyan. He questioned whether the survey that said how many seats the YCP would get, did not tell how many seats the Jana Sena would get. If you have faith in the party, he challenged you to contest in 175 seats as a single. The film is not about hitting dialogues…they are fired up to compete directly with the CM. If Lokesh cancels his yatra, Pawan will also cancel and the former chief minister is hiding on Karakatta due to the fear of cases. Lokesh came to the Assembly on a camel cart and became a laughingstock, and the real traitors of the farmers were Chandrababu and Lokesh. Minister Roja said that they are trying to spread mud on the government. Chandrababu is credited with clearing the state of debt. He commented that the farmers who are supporting Chandrababu are benami and real estate people and real farmers are always indebted to the CM.

Meanwhile, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan's bus trip has been postponed. He said that the RGs received from the public are currently being studied. Pawan Kalyan revealed that the bus trip will be organized only after that. While the Janasena has decided to do a bus trip in October, Pawan's tours on the issues of tenant farmers are yet to be completed in some districts. In this order, it was decided to announce the schedule of the bus trip only after the completion of this tour. Janasena party leader Pawan Kalyan clarified that the popularity of Janasena party is increasing day by day and the survey shows that YCP will get only 45 to 67 seats in the next elections.

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