Road Accident: A terrible accident..! A car that hit two software employees at a speed of 130 km.. on the spot..

Chennai Crime News: Two female software employees who were crossing the road in the IT corridor were hit by a speeding car and died on the spot. Details.. S Lavanya (23) from Tirupati and R Lakshmi (24) from Kerala are working as analysts in HCL State Street Service in Chennai. Due to the large number of companies in this IT corridor, the roads are always congested. In this sequence, Lavanya and Lakshmi were on their way home after completing their duties at 11:30 PM on Wednesday, when a car coming by at OMR in Chennai went out of control and hit the pavement. In this incident, Lavanya died on the spot. Lakshmi, who was seriously injured, died while undergoing treatment at the hospital. The police said that the accident happened due to the car going out of control. At that time, the police revealed that the car was traveling at a speed of 130 kmph. Tambaram Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Mr GK Kannan said that the driver of the car, Motesh Kumar (20), who caused the accident, has been arrested by the police.

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In the busy IT corridor area, pedestrians often face accidents due to lack of zebra crossings to cross the road. They demanded immediate establishment of zebra crossings with signal safety and overhead bridges for pedestrians.

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