Renuka Chowdary: Will contest from Gudivada and win.. Renuka Chowdary’s strong counter to Kodali Nani’s comments..

Renuka Chowdary on Kodali Nani: Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Renuka Chowdary made key comments. Renuka Chaudhary made sensational comments that she will contest from Gudivada in the next elections. Renuka made these comments in an interview given to a channel. It is known that former MP Renuka Chaudhary has been supporting the movement and march of the farmers of that area for Amaravati to be the capital of AP. However, former Union Minister Renuka Chaudhary also participated in the recent padayatra undertaken by Amaravati farmers. On this occasion, YCP Gudivada MLA Kodali Nani criticized her. He asked Renuka Chaudhary who could not even win as a corporator in Khammam, what is he doing in Amaravati. However, Renuka Choudhary reacted strongly to Kodali’s comment in a recent interview. While Kodali was washing lorries, Renuka Chaudhary said that he was a corporator. Hit Google.. You will know what Renuka Chaudhary is.

Renuka Chaudhary stated that Kodali Nani gave her a good idea saying that she is not supporting TDP. He said that he will contest from his constituency Gudiwada in the next election. He said that he has worked as a municipal corporator, as an MP, as a Union minister, but never as an MLA. Renuka said that the people of Gudivada are very intelligent.. Anything can happen in politics.. People want change.. He made it clear that he will contest from the Congress party because people are fond of the Congress party. Renuka said that my face is my passport.. My service will win me.. I will win from Gudivada.

Meanwhile, these comments made by Renuka became interesting in AP. They are discussing how the situation will be if Renuka Chaudhary contests. Furthermore, how Kodali Nani will react to Renuka's comments has become a hot topic in AP politics.

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