Polavaram: Relief for AP in Polavaram project..! Central Jal Shakti Sangam is not a myth of neighboring states

Relief for AP in Polavaram project? The Central Jal Shakti Sangh has misgivings about the flooding of the project by the neighboring states. Officials agree with AP’s argument. It seems that Andhra Pradesh has got relief for the time being regarding the Polavaram project. It seems that the Central Jal Shakti Sangam has made it clear that the neighboring states are not delusional about the flooding of the project. The Central Hydropower Department has organized a meeting on the objections raised by the Supreme Court. Officials of AP, Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Orissa states attended the virtual meeting. Apart from AP, the rest of the states have expressed many objections to the project.

On the other hand, AP also explained the situation to the authorities. It is reported that the officials who heard the arguments of both sides agreed with AP's argument. Jal Shakti Sangam has done scientific study twice in 2009 and 2011.

Not only that.. It seems that the Central Hydropower Commission has already made it clear to the three states that a scientific study has been done twice in 2009 and 2011 regarding the backwaters of the project.

It is reported that the Jal Shakti Sangam officials have said that the states of Telangana, Odisha and Chhattisgarh are suffering from unnecessary misconceptions regarding flooding.

October 7 Another meeting on technical issues

It seems that Jal Shakti Sangam officials have given clarity that even though AP is ready to build a dam without the impact of floods, Odisha has not come forward for the referendum. 36 lakhs as per the recommendations of the Godavari Tribunal to build a spillway to allow the flood water to go away. At present, the project is being completed so that the flood of 50 lakh cusecs will go away, he told the three states.

It has been decided to hold a meeting with ENCs of four states on October 7 on the technical aspects related to the backwater survey. AP officials believe that through the latest meeting, the way will be cleared from the cases in the Supreme Court on Polavaram.

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