Polavaram: A comprehensive study should be done on the Polavaram flood.. Those projects undertaken by AP should be stopped.. Telangana has written to the Centre.

Telangana: If the Polavaram project is completed… will Bhadrachalam be flooded? 160 villages in Telangana must be affected? Wasn’t there a study on flooding behind Polavaram? That means Telangana says yes. It is not limited to just allegations.. simultaneously wrote a letter to the center on this matter. Rajatkumar, Special Principal Secretary of Irrigation Department, has written a letter to the Union Ministry of Water Power, requesting the Andhra Pradesh government to take conservation measures in the Telangana region due to the effect of water inundation behind the Polavaram project. Telangana is alleging that the spillway of the Polavaram project was designed with a capacity of 50 lakh cusecs of water, but only 36 lakh cusecs was built by CWC. It is said that a technical study has been done on the flood to this extent. Meanwhile, Bhadrachalam Temple Town, Manuguru Factory, Bhadradri Thermal Power Station and many villages were inundated with the recent floods. If the project is completed, the inundation will increase further due to siltation in the back of the river. The Telangana government has written a letter to the Central Hydropower Department seeking to conduct a study in this regard.

While the Polavaram spillway and coffer dam were completed at 42.5 meters, it seems that water was stored at the level of 38.76 meters in July this year. After the completion of the project, if the full water level is stored at 45.72 meters, additional 60 villages will be inundated on both sides from Dummugudem to Bhadrachalam. Apart from that, CWC 2012 clarified that if water is stored at the maximum level of 193.5 feet i.e. 59 meters in the reservoir, the flood level near Bhadrachalam is likely to be 33.60 lakh cusecs. A comprehensive study is to be done accordingly.

Those projects have to be stopped..

But if Polavaram is completed.. along with Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Odisha states will also get flooded. Defense measures have been undertaken within the limits of those two states. But in Telangana, no action is being taken, it is Telangana's allegation. AP has taken up several lifting schemes based on surplus and flood water behind the Polavaram reservoir. For these, if the storage in the project is maintained at the FRL level for a long time, there is a possibility of risk. Telangana wants orders to stop these constructions.

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