PM Modi Speech: The development journey is going on in all areas..Praising the Telugu people.. PM Modi’s speech is interesting..

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his government at the center is working for the development of the remote areas of the country. He said that the journey of development is going on across the country. He visited Visakhapatnam as part of a one-day visit and laid foundation stones and inaugurated many development programs in the state. On this occasion, the Prime Minister spoke at an open meeting held on the grounds of Andhra University Engineering College. He said that backward areas in the country have been identified and the Akanksha Districts program has been taken and the speed of development has been increased. The affection shown by the people of Andhra Pradesh is immeasurable. He said that Telugu people are showing their potential in all fields. A few months ago, he came to the state for the 125th birth anniversary of revolutionary hero Alluri Sitaramaraj, and he said he was happy to come to the state once again to initiate development projects. It is said that Visakhapatnam is very special in the country and it is a special city.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Visakhapatnam is known as a commercial city. The Prime Minister reminded that once upon a time trade was carried out from Visakhapatnam to West Asia and East Asia through ships. He said that Shankusthana and the schemes inaugurated today will play a vital role in the development of Andhra Pradesh. He said that the people of Andhra Pradesh did not get a special identity only through education, but the nature of friendship and service was the reason for that recognition. The Prime Minister said that world-class facilities are being provided across the country for inclusive development. He said that the infrastructure like railways and roads are being provided with state of the art facilities. He said that the world economy is in crisis. From fuel to food, they are facing shortage. But even at this time, India has broken many barriers and is progressing towards development, he said. The countries of the world are looking towards India.

Prime Minister Modi said that the country is becoming the center of global movement. Many people say that they are praising the policies of India. Free rice has been provided to the poor and middle class people across the country for two and a half years. The Prime Minister said that farmers are being directly deposited in their accounts through the Prime Minister's Kisan Samman Fund at the rate of Rs.6,000 per year. He said that the central government always cooperates for the development of Andhra Pradesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his speech in Telugu and continued in Hindi. The Prime Minister's speech was translated into Telugu by Uttarandhra MLC PVN Madhav.

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