Pingali Venkayya: Bharat Ratna should be announced to Pingali, the fruit of the Telugu race born on Telugu soil. Pawan Kalyan’s demand

Pingali Venkayya: Today is the birth anniversary of the designer of the national flag, Pingali Venkayya. All India remembers the freedom fighter Pingali Venkaiah. Janasena president paid tributes to Pawan Kalyan on his 146th birth anniversary. Tricolor national flag of India. Our tricolor flag is a symbol of unity, bravery, self-respect, sovereignty and dignity of Indians. Just look at the tricolor flag.. It is not an exaggeration if there are no Indians whose body is not sexy. Pawan Kalyan said that freedom fighter Pingali Venkaiah, who designed the flag with all the power, is a martyr. The birth of that flag penance on Telugu soil is the holy fruit of the Telugu race. On the 146th birth anniversary of the great man, Pawan Kalyan has released a statement saying that he is offering Neerajana on behalf of the Janasena Party. Pawan Kalyan demanded to announce Bharat Ratna to Pingali Venkaiah.

At the auspicious time of completion of 75 years of India’s independence, when the nation is gearing up to celebrate Vajrotsavam, it is a coincidence that the birth anniversary of Lord Pingali Venkaiah is also celebrated, but it is an unforgettable moment. The tricolor flag was created in the Congress meeting after recognizing that the country needed a flag to unite the nation at a time when the country was suffering from anarchy under foreign rule.

With the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi, the tricolor flag designed by Pingali was accepted as the national flag of India. Pawan Kalyan recalled that Pingali did penance for these watches. An educationist, an expert in agriculture and geology, Pingali Venkaiah said why Telugu politicians and national leaders did not recognize him at the right time. His services to the country were not recognized and he ended up living a financially miserable life. Pawan Kalyan described this as the most unfortunate incident.

Janasenani said that the desire of the Telugu people to give ‘Bharat Ratna’ award to the great sacrificer Pingali has not been fulfilled till now. Pawan Kalyan has requested the central government to announce the Bharat Ratna in recognition of Pingali Venkaiah’s services on these auspicious occasions when ‘Azadi ka Amritotsav’ celebrations are being held in the country.

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