PFI-NIA, ED Raids: Tala Pak.. Toka Simi.. Is this the true color of PFI?.. In the guise of karate in Corona time..

Never before big search operation in the history of National Investigation Agency. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, simultaneous checks at 93 places in 15 states.. Arrests.. Seizure of PFI offices.. In protest, divided agitations in Kerala. But in Telugu states too.. inspections.. sieges.. arrests are going on. What is going on? What is the story of PFI Kamamishu..? What is the secret behind NIA’s focus at this level..? Popular Front of India.. PFI is a dummy for banned terrorist organization..? Simi, who left Kubusam, is committing terror recruitment under the guise of karate..? NIA has opened its third eye with the solid information that anti-social activities are being carried out under the shadow of Popular Front of India. Terrorist movements and terror funding are being clamped down on. Surgical searches are a part of it.

What is PFI?

Popular Front of India.. PFI is an Islamist extremist organization formed in 2006. The NIA found that the members of the banned SIMI organization were members of the SIMI in the PFI. Suspicions were strengthened by SIMI member Professor Koya being active in PFI. The PFI conspiracy links came to light during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Bihar on July 12. A preliminary investigation revealed that PFI was trying to set up a secret organization with those who worked for the banned Islamic extremism organization Student Islamic Movement of India- SIMI. These cases have been registered in connection with messages in two WhatsApp groups. One of these groups has ties with Pakistan, Yemen and some other Gulf countries. The inquiry revealed that another group had eight members from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In the guise of karate in Corona time..

Pulling the clue moved the detours of the links. During the time of Corona, groups came in groups..when they saw Vaynam secretly conducting terror recruits in the name of karate training under the shadow of PFI.. NIA chased them. NIA and ED jointly conducted raids on PFI offices and member's homes with solid information that donations were being made under the guise of a voluntary organization and terrorist training was being conducted under the guise of karate. If you cut.. If you touch Nizamabad... PFI links in Telugu states have been revealed. Violent training came to the fore with the arrest of karate master Abdul Qader in Nizamabad. It was revealed that he had turned his house into a terror training center under the guise of karate on the orders of the PFI leaders. Based on the details given by him in the investigation, the NIA inspection spree across the country gained momentum.

Nizamabad Addaga chain breaking operation

Nizamabad Addaga found that the popular Print Up India activities are continuing. NIA teams have collected vital data including arresting many people during lightning checks. The PFI chain breaking operation carried out by the NIA is causing tremors in Kurnool, Nandyala, Kadapa, Guntur including Nizamabad, Bodhan, Korutla, Metpalli, Asifabad.

Bandh call stirs in Kerala..

Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a high-level meeting in the wake of revelations that the Popular Front of India has links with terrorist organizations. In the same order, NIA has intensified inspections in 15 states across the country. In protest, PFI workers started agitation. The bandh call has created a stir in Kerala. NIA teams have seized PFI offices in many places including Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. Hard disk, pen drive and documents were seized. And in the Telugu states too, there is a rush of inspections on the one hand, and a chorus of protests on the other.

Attacks in 40 areas in Telugu states

NIA conducted raids in 40 areas related to PFI in two Telugu states. In this order, four people were detained in Guntur on suspicion of having links with terrorists. Searches were also conducted in Kurnool and Guntur in AP. Searches were conducted at the SDPI leader's house on Khadakpur Street in Kurnool.

No matter what the political situation is, NIA found that PFI operations are continuing in Nizamabad. Searches were conducted in 23 areas of Nizamabad. NIA has seized terror literature, documents and material in digital form.. The PFIV has no connection with terrorist organizations.

The demand of many Muslim groups to ban PFI has come to the fore. All India Sufi Sajjadanadhin Counsel wants to ban PFI and all the organizations associated with it. Nizamabad has supported the NIA taxes across the country. Based on the information found here, NIA has set a nationwide trap. Tala Pak.. Toka Simi.. So many evidences of PFI's real presence were caught. All in all, there was an uproar in Nizamabad district during lightning checks. The demand to vanquish terror links without tainting Induru with violence has gained momentum.

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