Pawan vs YCP: YCP leaders changed course in Janasena case…Roja, Peddireddy hit Janasena not to get caught in Chandrababu’s trap

Even though it is more than a year and a half before the assembly elections, now the heat of the elections is heating up.. politics. Pawan became the center point of politics in AP. Political analysts say that political equations are changing in AP. YCP is trying to trap Pawan Kalyan in political trap. Moreover, it is being commented that YCP’s strategy against the Janasena president has changed. The YCP leaders who directly attacked Pawan Kalyan till yesterday are not only changing their route now. Yes, looking at the latest situation, it seems that the YCP ministers and leaders have backed down a little in the case of Pawan.

However, why have the YCP leaders, who have shown aggression towards Pawan all these years in the manner of 'you are yours, you are yours', retreated a bit.. What is the strategy behind this decline? Rather than going face to face.. it seems that this route is better.. that's why the aggression is reduced.

Minister Roja said that Roja is a fire brand before making any comment or countering Pawan. Chandrababu is sacrificing Pawan Kalyan for his son. He criticized that Pawan is being used just like NTR is using his family. He said that Chandrababu is using Pawan and leaving him.

On the other hand, Peddireddy exhorted the Janasena soldiers. Not only Minister Roja.. Immediately Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy also preached to Janasena soldiers. Those who vote for Janasena party should think again. After all, they want to see Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan as the chief minister. But if Chandrababu Naidu is loyal to him and works under him, how will the Janasena voters digest it?

On the whole, YSP leaders are portraying Pawan Kalyan as a banana in the game. It is said that they are trying to harm Chandrababu. And it is not possible to tell how much this will be a plus for the ruling much it will be a minus.. But the attempt to trap Pawan Kalyan is reported to be at its peak.

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