Pawan On Crop Damage : Crop damage in 2 lakh acres due to untimely rains, support farmers – Pawan Kalyan

Pawan On Crop Damage : Crop damage in 2 lakh acres due to untimely rains, support farmers – Pawan Kalyan

Pawan On Crop Damage: Farmers suffered severe losses due to untimely rains, gusty winds and hailstorms in AP. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan asked the government to help the farmers who suffered due to untimely rains. According to the preliminary estimate, crops have been damaged in 2 lakh acres. Pawan said that the farmers are already facing financial difficulties… mainly the tenant farmers are suffering from debts. At this time, they felt that the rains with hail were weakening them even more. He asked for immediate financial assistance to the farmers along with crop loss compensation. Pawan said that the sufferings of pepper farmers in Palnadu area came to his attention. It is said that the farmers are crying because the crop water is drowning in their eyes. He said that the farmers who had hoped that the price of dafa will increase this season are left with anguish."Chilli farmers in the combined districts of Kurnool and Anantapur have also suffered. Similarly, mango, maize, sorghum and tobacco farmers in the combined Krishna and West Godavari districts were completely hit. These untimely rains and gale force winds caused heavy losses to the farmers who depended on horticultural crops in the joint Anantapur district of Rayalaseema region. Crops like banana, maize, watermelon and papaya were damaged. Rice farmers in Nellore district suffered losses due to untimely rains while selling their crops. The government should take a humanitarian approach in helping the farmers affected by these untimely rains and strong winds. We request the officials to record the statistics of crop losses irrespective of parties and communities. I suggested to our party leaders also to visit the farmers whose crops have been lost at the field level and give them courage."- Pawan Kalyan 

Crop loss in 25 mandals 

Untimely rains have left severe damage in Telugu states. The Meteorological Department says that it will rain for another two days. Farmers are more worried with these warnings. Ex-minister Venu Gopalakrishna said that the officials have made a preliminary estimate that there has been crop damage in 25 mandals in AP. He spoke at the assembly media point… CM Jagan‌ A review has been conducted. He said that CM Jagan has ordered the Collectors of the affected districts to give a preliminary assessment of crop damage within a week. It is unfortunate that untimely rains fall at the time of harvest. Kurnool, NTR, Parvathipuram, Prakasam, Parvathipuram Manyam‌ Minister Chelluboina said that it is known that the crops of rice, maize, banana, millet and cotton have been damaged due to untimely rains in the districts. He said that the government will support the farmers who have suffered due to rains. It has been clarified that 15 mandals in Nandyal district, 5 in NTR district, 1 in Kurnool, 3 in Manyam district and 1 in Prakasam district have been affected in total 25 mandals.  

Soon enumeration‌

CM YS Jagan on untimely rains in the state‌ Reviewed with CMO officials. Officials have provided basic information on untimely rains and damage to crops in various areas. Immediate enumeration on crop loss compensation‌ The CM ordered the officers to start. This enumeration of days of the week‌ Instructions should be issued to the collectors to complete. Enumeration‌ After completion, he said that all kinds of measures should be taken to help the farmers. Due to heavy rains, adequate precautions should also be taken so that no untoward incidents happen anywhere. The CM ordered the collectors to assess the situation from time to time and act vigilantly.

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