Pawan Kalyan: Reacting to the Achyutapuram gas leak, Janasena said that government officials should be held responsible.

Atchutapuram Gas Leak: Janasena president Pawan Kalyan reacted to the incident of Atchutapuram Brandix gas leakage. Expressing regret over the incident, he expressed surprise that the reasons for the accident were not known yet. He said that the state does not need industrial development which is achieved at the risk of people’s health and lives. ‘The frequent incidents taking place in Achyutapurasam SEZ near Visakhapatnam are worrying. We will never forget how much destruction LG Polymers created in Visakhapatnam and how many lives were lost in the air. It is unfortunate that 125 women became seriously ill due to toxic gas leakage in a garment manufacturing company in Achyutapuram SEZ. The reason for this incident is the detachment of public representatives and officials. A similar accident happened in the same company a month ago. Then 400 people fell ill. It was repeated again. But it is surprising that neither the officials nor the public representatives of the company have told the reasons for the accident,’ said Janasenani.

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Meanwhile, Pawan suggested that the government should take steps to prevent accidents among industrial users. Accidents often occur in pharmaceutical, chemical, steel and textile factories located in Paravada, Duvvada and Achyutapuram. Due to this, the residents of the surrounding colony and the villagers spend time worrying about what danger will strike and which poisonous gas will kill them. Industries are necessary for the progress of the state and country. But that progress is not at the risk of people’s health and lives. Public representatives and authorities should work together to prevent accidents in industrial areas. Safety audit should be undertaken in industries. For industrial progress, AP government should work in a corruption-free manner. Government leaders should be held accountable for any failures. The government should provide better medical care to the women workers who fell ill in the Achyutapuram SEZ accident. Similarly, proper compensation should also be paid to the victims,’ demanded Janasenani.

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