Pawan Kalyan: Don’t be afraid of slapping your palm.. Pawan has once again made sensational comments on YCP

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan once again fired on the YSP government. They gave a counter to the ruling party saying that you are afraid of clapping your hands. He has issued a warning to the leaders of the ruling party saying that he has entered into politics where everything is cut off. '2024 is a crucial election. YCC is promising to win 175 seats. I will see how to win. I was born in Andhra. I will decide in Andhra itself. Enough of the slavery done so far. Now all the demolitions are the demolitions of the ruling party. Why are the schemes named as Jagananna Vidya Devena? Why not name the horse Joshua? Can't you name the canteen as Pingali Venkaiah? The leaders of the ruling party are also asking for money to set up an under garments manufacturing factory. I will fight for justice as long as I have life in my throat. What do the Sajjas know about what they talked about with the Prime Minister? If Janasena leaders are bullies, what should we say about those who killed Viveka. Pawan questioned the leaders of the ruling party.

"In land acquisition, taking land and demolishing structures for development takes place anywhere. But what is happening now is different. If knocked down, heavy compensation should be given. That is not happening now. The heart of the people here has been hit. Janasena prescribes medicine for that wound. If the farmers of Amaravati had done the struggle of the villagers now, the situation would have been different," said Janasenani. Watch what else he said in the following video.

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