Pawan Kalyan: Can the name of King George Hospital be changed?

NTR Health University: The AP government’s decision to change the name of NTR Health University to YSR Health University has sparked outrage. Opposition parties are furious with Jagan’s government. Recently, Janasena president Pawan Kalyan criticized the AP government. He asked the ruling party what they would achieve by changing the name of NTR Medical University. Will the name change improve the medical facilities in the state? There is no point in changing the name of the university leaving the infrastructure. Did these rulers name at least one institution after Yallapragada Subbarao who discovered drugs for diseases like Bodakalu and typhoid? Rulers should know about the nobles who sacrificed their lives for the people before putting the names of the householders on the people’s properties. If the names are changed whenever the rulers change, the people will have nothing to fall back on.’

If you want to change the names, you can change the name of King George Hospital in Visakha. The name still smells British, doesn't it? Change the name of Visakhapatnam KGH to one of the medical elites as we have celebrated Independence Amritotsavam. If there was a sincere thought of naming a medical university after a luminary in the field, consider the name of Yallapragada Subbarao. The YCP government is doing such things to divert people's attention and create new controversies,' criticized Janasena.

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