Pawan In Party Office: Pawan Kalyan’s observation on strong seats – long discussions with survey companies!

Pawan In Party Office: Pawan Kalyan’s observation on strong seats – long discussions with survey companies!

Pawan In Party Office : Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has been in Mangalagiri party office since two days.  Inauguration of new building in Janasena party office. He has been in the party office since Thursday and is not talking much with the key leaders of the party. But the Janasena sources say that there is a meeting with the representatives of some survey organizations. Pawan has already announced his alliance with the Telugu Desam Party. Officially, the two parties have not yet made any joint statement on the alliance. But Pawan Kalyan wants to compete together and achieve YCP’s goal of free Andhra Pradesh.    

Discussions on seats contested by Janasena                     

It has already been announced that they will compete in the places where there is strength. It seems that he has assigned the responsibility to some survey organizations to determine which positions the Jana Sena has strength in. Pawan Kalyan is clearly focused on winning all the contested seats. It is said that the votes received by Janasena in the last elections, the votes received in the local elections, according to the results of the latest surveys, they will make proposals for seats with the Telugu Desam Party. There is no clarity on what the survey organizations have said. Pawan is making it clear to the Janasena factions that the surveys should be honest.           

Excitement over the position Pawan will contest                               

There is no clarity on where Pawan Kalyan is going to contest this time. He contested from Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka in the last elections. The residents of Bhimavaram thought that he would win there by contesting in two seats..  The residents of Gajuwaka thought that he would win in Bhimavaram and as the voting was reduced, he was limited to the second place in both places. Even in Telugu Desam Party’s bid, the candidates in those two places got huge votes. In this order, if both contest with alliances, it is expected that Pawan will get a huge majority wherever he contests. But it remains to be seen if they will contest from the same place or if they will change.           

Pawan should leave it to him about seats contested by alliances 

Pawan Kalyan is said to be unwilling to discuss alliances and contested seats with party leaders. They are saying to leave those things to him. He says that those who follow his decision are the party leaders. He does not care about those who oppose him. to ensure that the >Jana Sena party is a strong party in the next elections.. in a key position in the Assembly"Pawan Kalyan" href="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords">Pawan Kalyan is persistent.            

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