One murder, 100 suspicions- Radha murder case became challenging for Prakasam district police

One murder, 100 suspicions- Radha murder case became challenging for Prakasam district police

The murder of a married woman named Radha in Prakasam district is raising many suspicions. She left when her friend called her saying that she will return the due money, but she came back dead. But why did she go alone, what happened there..? The police have taken up the investigation. 

What really happened..?
Radha, who belongs to Jillellapadu in Veligandla mandal of Prakasam district, recently left her home late at night and was found dead. The family members filed a case against Radha’s childhood friend Kashireddy who borrowed 80 lakh rupees from her family. The police have started an investigation. The way Radha’s dead body is lying raises many suspicions. 

Radha’s dead body had severe injuries and then there were signs that she had been run over by vehicles, so the police started investigating deeply. . She was found to have been brutally tortured. It remains to be seen whether a person who has been humiliated in the mere matter of debt collection will behave so badly. Radha is also a mother of two children. The police are also investigating why the accused felt the need to rape her. There are also suspicions of gang rape. It seems that an attempt was made to depict Radha’s death as an accident. 

Radha coming from Telangana with her two children to her hometown, leaving home while participating in Ammavari Utsavs in the village and returning as a corpse became a sensation in the district. It is not clear whether Kashireddy killed Radha just with the intention of paying the debt or there was some other reason. Two days after the murder, the suspects have not been caught. The police have also set up special teams to trace them. 

Radha’s family, on the other hand, is accusing the police of their conduct. It is said that Radha would have survived if the police had responded immediately after the complaint that Radha was missing. Based on Radha’s cell phone signals, the police said she was near Jillellapadu. Radha’s family members went there and found her dead. 

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