NTR University: Where were you during NTR’s backlash.. Minister Jogi’s strong count for Balayya..

NTR University:The Health University continues to be apolitical over the name change. Bullets of words are exploding between the leaders. Starting from NTR’s descendants, TDP leaders and fans are flagging the government. If Balayya gave a warning to YCP that there are Panch Bhootas and Tasmat beware, there were equally strong counters from the ruling party. Minister Jogi Ramesh raised questions about what happened when your father was stabbed in the back. While TDP MLA Butchaiah Chaudhary announced that Tamochaka’s name will be changed, Minister Vidadala Rajani asked what he had done for NTR when he was in power. BJP leader Vishnuvardhan Reddy said that the name change is not right. Minister Venu said that they have more respect for NTR. In this way, the name change of NTR Health University is not political, but it is increasing day by day.

Balayya Vs Minister..

NTR's son and MLA Balakrishna reacted fiercely despite coming late. Balakrishna's reaction on removing NTR's name and naming it after YSR for the health university increased the political heat once and for all. They made many comments. NTR is not a name to change or remove. A culture, a civilization, the backbone of the Telugu nation. Father renamed Gaddenakki Airport. The son is changing the name of the university to Gaddenek. People are there to change you. Panch bhutalunnai tasmat be careful. There are leaders who live on the alms given by that great man. There are crabs. Dogs are mocking those who do not believe. Balakrishna made a sensational statement saying, 'Shameless people who bow before dogs'.

Minister Jogi Ramesh reacted equally seriously to this statement. He responded in his own style to Balakrishna's comments that they were dogs. Balakrishna was reported to have regained consciousness after 3 days. 'Who kept NTR away from this race? He asked. Who turned your father's back? Didn't your brother-in-law sit on the CM's chair after grabbing the party and trust? What did Balakrishna do? Who is the dog? Who is the tail of the dog? You did not fulfill NTR's last wish to tell Chandrababu Buddhi. Chandrababu who ate the rice balls thrown by him? Balakrishna laughed and enjoyed when NTR was overthrown. However, your daughter was given in marriage to his son. You are a hero in movies. Balakrishna tweeted the same script written by Chandrababu.' Minister Jogi Ramesh severely criticized with harsh words.

Butchaiah Choudhary vs Vidadala Rajani..

On the other hand, TDP senior MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chaudhary said that they will remove YCP colors and names given by that party. State Medical and Health Minister Vidada Rajani also gave a counter to these comments. The minister asked what was done to NTR while he was in power.

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