NTR Health University: Political tussle over the name change of the health university.. Here are the reactions of TDP and YCP leaders..

NTR Health University: A political tussle has started over the name of Health University. There was friction in the assembly and the council. A war of words started outside the assembly as well. While YCP MLAs are speaking in favor of YS, TDP MLAs are expressing their anger that NTR’s name will be removed. Chandrababu strongly condemned the name change of the university. He asked on Twitter what YSR has to do with that university. They demanded that NTR’s name should be continued. University Rs. 450 crores were alleged to have been given by the Jagan government. It is stated that none of the subsequent Chief Ministers thought of changing the name of NTR given in 1998. It is advised to avoid crazy thoughts of changing the name now.

The legislators of the Telugu Desam Party protested against changing the name of NTR to the Health University. The MLAs staged a protest at the TDLP office in the Assembly.

TDP leader Payyavula Keshav asked if there should be no name other than YSR and Jagan in the state. He criticized that Jagan will go down in history as a sticker CM. Payyavula said that YCP leaders will also oppose if online voting is held for changing the name of the varsity. Devineni Uma also reacted seriously. There is a lot of tension in Gollapudi in the wake of the announcement of the name change of NTR University. Ms. Devineni protested against NTR's removal of the university's name and naming it after Vissar. Uma was stationed on the road. Alerted by this dharna, the police arrested the TDP leaders. In the process of moving them to the station, a scuffle took place between the police and the leaders.

MP Keshineni strongly reacted to the name change of NTR Health University. Explaining the relationship between Health University and NTR.. YCP government came under fire. He said it is 100 percent correct to have NTR's name for Health University apart from politics. MP Keshineni made it clear that the government's decision to change NTR's name is not justified under any circumstances and he strongly condemns that decision.

BJP leaders are also angry about this decision. BJP MLC Vakati Narayana Reddy spoke at the media point of AP Assembly. He said that it is not reasonable to change the name of NTR to the Health University. Will the name change if the governments change? He asked. He said that BJP is demanding to keep the name of NTR as the health university.

If this is the case.. Minister Jogi Ramesh denied the allegations of TDP leaders. CM Jagan has given proper respect to NTR. That is why the district was named after him. Expired minister Venugopala Krishna also reacted. He said that the behavior of TDP members in the assembly was objectionable. They were fired that public issues should not be discussed unnecessarily. He said that YSR has brought many changes in the field of medicine and TDP is afraid if the name of YSR who is Arogya Sri Pradhata is proposed for the health university. Didn't Chandrababu say that Chandrababu is the reason for NTR's death and that he will remove NTR's name from Arogyashri? Minister Venugopala Krishna asked. Minister Venugopala Krishna asked the people of the state to take notice of the conspiracies of the TDP, saying that Chandrababu was in a pretension regarding his son.

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