NTR Health University: Name change of NTR Health University.. Minister Rajani introduced the bill in the assembly..

NTR Health University: The AP government has introduced a bill in the assembly to change the name of the government health university to NTR Health University. State Health Minister Vidada Rajani introduced the Bill to convert NTR Health University into YSR Health University. Addressing the bill, Minister Rajani praised that YSR has earned the name of rupee doctor. It is claimed that revolutionary changes have been brought in the field of medicine and health. He glorified Arogyashri who brought him and became a god for the poor. Minister Rajani said that there is a need to name the health university after YSR. At the same time, Minister Rajani gave a strong counter to the TDP leaders, especially Chandrababu, who are arguing over the name change of NTR Health University. He recalled that Chandrababe had said that he would change NTR’s name to Arogyashri. He said that everyone knows what Chandrababu said about NTR.

Meanwhile, the name change of NTR Health University led to a heated argument in the Assembly. There was a scuffle near the speaker's podium. They protested against the name change. They tore the bill papers and threw them on the speaker. With this, the Speaker suspended the TDP members from the House. Even after that there was confusion in the assembly. TDP members were sent out with the help of marshals. At that time TDP members got into an argument with the marshals. The speaker severely criticized their behavior. Otherwise, TDP MLAs burnt copies of the NTR University Amendment Bill outside the Assembly. The fight will continue until the bill is withdrawn.

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