NTR Health University: Lakshmiparvathi reacted to the change of name of the health university.. Shocking comments as she is the target.

Laxmi Parvathi: NTR’s wife Lakshmi Parvati has come under intense fire over the media reports against her in the wake of the name change of NTR Health University. He gave a serious warning that cases will be filed against those who are spreading false stories against him. He said that some media organizations are defaming NTR’s personality and he has come before the media to let people know the facts.

Lakshmi Parvati's reaction to the name change of NTR Health University.

Lakshmi Parvathi reacts on changing the name of NTR Health University to YSR Health University. She was furious that NTR's killers were rushing in as she did not respond. She lashed out at Chandrababu and some other media representatives. Did NTR name anyone who was in power? She asked Chandrababu. Didn't you talk to the media representative to remove the name of Health University? Did you ask Chandrababu? He said that those who disrespect NTR do not even have the right to pronounce his name. Do you want the name of the district NTR? Want the name of the university NTR? He said that he will choose the name of the district himself. He said that CM Jagan has given a clear explanation on NTR's name change. He said that he did not change his name out of anger against NTR. He said that he knows the love of YS Jagan in naming the district.

Clarity on personal life..

At the same time, Lakshmi Parvati clarified that she is spreading lies about her personal life. Her comments are as usual 'some media organizations are attacking my personal life. They are writing false news at will. Chandrababu did not like my marriage with NTR from the beginning. No one has the moral right to talk about our marriage. I got married to NTR in front of everyone. Those who betrayed NTR.. are now talking about him. No one can erase history. They are spreading false propaganda against me saying that they have tried to damage the party with lust for power. I was offered a Tekkali seat but I didn't take it. Look at the statements given by NTR in the past and talk. NTR spoke very clearly about our marriage in his last interview.' Lakshmi Parvathy played the video related to NTR's comments.

Lakshmi Parvati said that Chandrababu's family members were at fault for his misdeeds. Lakshmi Parvati was fired saying that this campaign is being done to divert Chandrababu's lust for power. She appealed to people not to believe such malicious propaganda. He made it clear that he did not come into NTR's life for any selfish purpose and that he never interfered in the affairs of the party. He said that everyone knows about his admiration for NTR. He expressed his anger that Chandrababu is spreading such evil propaganda only because of his thirst for power. Lakshmi Parvati said that NTR had said that he lost in 1989 because of Allulla's fight. He reminded that TDP achieved great success after he entered NTR's life. You can also see Lakshmi Parvati's comments in the following video.

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