Nellore: Someone grows flower plants, fruit plants at home.. and that’s it…

Andhra Pradesh: Many people grow fruits, vegetables and flower plants in their home’s yard or yard. But he grew marijuana plants at the same time. They have grown a lot. The police took him into custody and put him behind the bars. If we go into the details.. In Venkateswarapuram Janardan Reddy Colony, Nellore, a vakti is addicted to ganja. He used to buy ganja from some people in the local Kapadipalem. In this order he got an idea. Marijuana is hard to come by. Even if found, the rate will have to be higher. With this, they felt that if he himself grows ganja trees, there would be no such suffering. He separated the seeds of the cannabis he had bought and sprinkled them on the porch of his house and in the backyard and they turned into plants.

As they were growing.. the smell started coming. The thing is that mouth.. this mouth fell.. the whole town went tom tom. Finally the matter went to the Special Enforcement Bureau officials. According to the information, Seb CI Kishore along with his staff raided his house. The man was taken into custody after uprooting the ganja plants. But the man told the police that he did not know that he would be arrested if he grows one or two plants.

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