Nellore: Red sandalwood smuggling gang behind the murder.. Police’s key step in the sensational case..

The police have discovered the real secret behind the sensational murder in the Kaluvai forest area of ​​Nellore district. Red sandalwood smuggling gangs were found to be behind the most brutal murders by amputating hands and feet. The police identified Chandra, who was killed, as a courier for red sandalwood smugglers. Chandra’s job is to help smugglers, transport red sandalwood logs to a secret place, and supply food to laborers. However, as usual, Chandra was killed while taking food packets to the workers. The police found that financial transactions were the reason behind Chandra’s murder.

It is believed that Chandra, who made an agreement to transport red sandalwood logs to a secret place and supply food, then killed Redsandal by not revealing his whereabouts. They came to this assumption after finding red sandalwood dump in the bushes near Chandra's murder spot. Based on the numbers in Chandra's phone contact, the police identified and arrested some suspects from Tamil Nadu.

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They are all being taken to a secret place and being interrogated. The facts in this case will be revealed in a clear picture report. Apart from all this, the locals are trembling with fear as red sandalwood mafia has come out again in Nellore district.

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