Nellore News : Over in the station, the young woman who gave wisdom with the sandal!

Nellore News : Over in the station, the young woman who gave wisdom with the sandal!

Nellore News: In recent times, harassment of women on social media has increased. Hooligans are harassing women with aliases. A hooligan harassed a young woman on Instagram. The young woman who discovered his address told him. A young woman slapped a young man on the footpath in Kavali, Nellore district. She died without listening to them. A young man named Kalyan works in a tea shop at AM Bakery Center in Kavali town. The victim accused the woman of sending obscene messages on Instagram a few days ago. Finding Kalyan’s address,  reached there and slapped the youth. This incident has gone viral on social media. Victims say that these incidents have increased with the entry of social media. They are accused of creating accounts with fake names and fake photos and targeting women. But young women are also taking part in these incidents. Incidents of some young women making threats in the form of video calls are coming to light. 

The lawyer who bit the young woman’s nose for not being in love

Love..some people feel very happy when they hear that word. Others are afraid. There are many reasons for that. In the meantime, some people are attacking, killing and committing suicide if they say no to love. That’s why many people shudder when they hear this word. We all know that young children, unknown people, students, restless people and college students commit such incidents. But what will be seen now will be very surprising. Why.. a man in the profession of a lawyer.. fell in love with a fellow female lawyer. He bit her nose when she did not accept his love. 

What actually happened..?

A female lawyer from Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand… in 2018 at Lawyer Chandrasekhar Did an internship. But lawyer Chandrasekhar, who fell in love with the lady judge, asked her to marry him. The victim said no to this. Yet he ignored her and chased after her like a hooligan. Meanwhile… Holi celebrations were held in the court premises on Monday evening. The victim and lawyer Chandrasekhar also attended the event. After the ceremony, she was going home from the court.. Chandrasek stopped her scooty. He once again pressured her to marry him. When she refused again, Chandrasekhar, enraged, bit her nose and assaulted her. Locals who noticed the matter filed a complaint with the police. The police rushed to the scene and registered a case and are investigating. On the other hand, the injured victim has been shifted to the hospital and is being treated. 

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