Narayana Swamy: Is he a human or a demon? Sensational comments of AP Deputy CM

Narayana Swamy: Is he a human or a demon?  Sensational comments of AP Deputy CM

AP Deputy CM Narayana Swamy made sensational comments saying that he does not understand whether Chandrababu Naidu was born as a human being or as a monster. It was important to make these comments in the presence of God when he came to visit Tirumala. On Sunday (May 21) morning, Narayana Swamy, AP High Court Judge Justice Manendranath Roy and Pondicherry Deputy Speaker Rajuvelu participated in the service of Swami and paid their prayers separately during the offering break to Swami along with family members. Swami was honored with a silk cloth and handed over Tirdha prasadas.

Later, he came outside the temple and told the media… Who should be afraid of going to early elections‌ He said that Karma Jaganmohan Reddy did not need it, and appealed to all the people not to believe in misconceptions.. He and Chandrababu are of the same age. Kalwarani, who gets old and gets land in a little cemetery‌ He said that there will be an idea whether or not. But now he said that Chandrababu Naidu has got that idea.. Chandrababu was born in poverty and he is behaving without poverty. He accused Jagan of giving houses to the poor and criticizing Jagan with heartburn. , Chandrababu criticized that Chandrababu can’t even build a house if there is no poor person, Chandrababu is the one who said that there should be no poor person in Amaravati. He said that it is not clear whether Chandrababu was born as a human being or as a demon.. He said that Chandrababu has no other thought except for lust for office and wickedness. He criticized that it was not given.

Chandrababu’s birth, growth and death are lies, Jagan is bringing out the irregularities of Chandrababu and Ramoji Rao, green media is unnecessarily trying to spread mud on Jagan. Stung Chandrababu is accused of backstabbing the people. Everyone

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