Nara Lokesh Tweet: Why did CM Jagan tour Delhi? Sarcastic tweets of TDP leaders – Lokesh gave three options

Nara Lokesh Tweet: Why did CM Jagan tour Delhi?  Sarcastic tweets of TDP leaders – Lokesh gave three options

TDP leaders are making sarcastic tweets on CM Jagan’s visit to Delhi. On the one hand, YS Viveka’s murder case and on the other hand, because CBI and ED are aggressive in liquor cases, they are criticizing that Jagan went to Delhi to protect them. questioned. Why is Jan Reddy going to Delhi? Nara Lokesh asked. This tweet is going viral. Lokesh also gave three options for this. ‘‘A) To save a man who stabbed a man, B) For a CBI officer, Delhi, C) For an MP booked in a liquor scam. Multiple choice was given. And TDP fans are making horrible comments on this.

#AbbaiKilledBabai #JaganPaniAyipoindhi

— Lokesh Nara (@naralokesh) March 17, 2023

CBI aggressive in Viveka case
It is known that Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy was acquitted in the Telangana High Court in the murder case of former minister Vivekananda Reddy. The court dismissed the interim petitions filed to direct the CBI not to take strict action. The CBI has issued clear instructions that the investigation cannot be stayed and the investigation in the murder case can continue. It is known that ED has issued notices. He was ordered to come for investigation on 18th of this month. Raghava Reddy, the son of Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy, has already been arrested in this case, and the ED notices have become a topic of discussion. Even after 9 years.. many bilateral issues related to Telugu states have not been resolved.

  • Andhra Pradesh which I mentioned earlier‌ A committee headed by the Finance Secretary of the Center has been constituted on the issues mentioned in the Redistribution Act. This committee has already made several rounds of discussions and made some progress. All key items are still pending.
  • Resources for FY 2014–15‌ Gap‌ Funding‌ Rs.36,625 crores are pending under this.
  • Restrictions have been imposed on the state borrowing limits due to the fact that the previous government used loans beyond the limit. A debt limit of Rs.42,472 crore was provided in 2021–22 and reduced by Rs.17,923 crore in the next period. I appeal to intervene in this matter and take a positive decision. 
  • The state government has spent Rs.2600.74 crore from its own treasury for the construction of the Polavaram project.. these have been pending for 2 years. I would like to give appropriate instructions to pay these dues immediately. Advisory Committee Rs. 55,548 crores. It is requested that it be approved immediately.
  • I request that Rs.10 thousand crores be sanctioned as ad hoc to advance the construction of the Polavaram project more quickly. 2014 June‌ From June 2017‌ Rs. 7,058 crore is due for the electricity supplied upto. I request them to be given immediately.
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