Nara Lokesh Padayatra: Kisses yesterday, punches today – CM Jagan’s stance is the same: Nara Lokesh Satires

Nara Lokesh Padayatra: Kisses yesterday, punches today – CM Jagan’s stance is the same: Nara Lokesh Satires

Nara Lokesh Padayatra: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh said that AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, who gave kisses to everyone in the padayatra, today after coming to power, he is taxing people and punching people. He started his padayatra from Thavanampally in Puthalapattu constituency of Chittoor district. In this order Kanipakam Varasiddhi visited Lord Vinayaka. As a part of the padayatra, people flocked to Lokesh. The women came with garlands and garlands. A warm welcome was given at every step. After that, they met with the Gand social groups at Tavanam Palli Vididi Kendra. Nara Lokesh promised to work hard to solve the problems of Gandla castes. He asked the Gandla castes to help their party come to power. 

Move as youth to make youth voices heard
Move with Nara Lokesh#YuvaGalam#LokeshPadayatra #NaraLokeshForPeople

— Telugu Desam Party (@JaiTDP) December 28, 2022

Nara Lokesh said that if CM Jagan comes out, he stays behind the curtain and is afraid to see people. He said that he was more afraid especially when he saw the CBI and that it was his father who killed him. He commented that if the youth want to have a good future and get jobs, they should get rid of the psycho and come with a bicycle. He said that the local government school does not have basic infrastructure. He said that there is no development other than hurrying about today and today. They said that they are filing cases against me for coming in public. He explained that no matter how many cases are filed, there is no threat. The YCP leaders said that the more you keep your mouth under control, the better. He said that especially Kodali talks to me as if he likes… If he slips his mouth, he will answer with a slap. 

The history of your leader’s family is the history of blood … your history is the history of Urpandi … Pakoda Nani … if you speak against our leaders, you will be answered with words.
Ravi Naidu …Telugu Youth State General Secretary (2/2)#Gutkamatkanani #PyschoJagan #PsychoPovaliCycleRavali

— Telugu Desam Party (@JaiTDP) February 5, 2023

Severe criticism of the TDP leaders on the behavior of the police

Yesterday the police tried to stop Lokesh’s padayatra. The TDP leaders were fired with this. In the past, Rajasekhar Reddy, Chandrababu, Jagan Padayatra, Rahul Gandhi had done Padayatras… No Chief Minister had put obstacles in anyone’s way. But the TDP leaders are questioning that why they are afraid of Lokesh Padayatra and are putting conditions. We took all the permissions before the trek. But they say that the police are looking for excuses to prevent it somehow. 39 rules have been set for Lokesh’s padayatra unlike any other padayatra. It is recalled that Rahul Gandhi, who recently toured the state, has not laid down any conditions for the Jodo Yatra. They are saying that they understand the conspiracy politics of Batte. He said that the government is conspiring with the police to somehow block the march.

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