Motorists be alert..! Just wearing a helmet is not enough.. these rules are mandatory! Otherwise it will be a hole in the pocket..

Due to the increasing number of road accidents, the central government and the state governments are making the traffic rules more stringent. The Motor Vehicle Act is also being enforced more strictly. However, two-wheeler drivers must wear helmets while traveling on the road. Otherwise, the authorities have been warning from the past that strict action will be taken along with heavy fines. However, just wearing a helmet is not enough. Certain rules regarding helmets also apply. Failure to comply with these will also result in fines. That is.. how should your helmet be..? Method of making helmet..? The government has put some rules like this. Let’s find out now..

Wearing a helmet is very important while riding a two wheeler. This not only saves you, but also avoids traffic challans in most cases. It is rare for the traffic police to stop even a person wearing a helmet. But just wearing a helmet is not enough. Certain rules regarding helmets also apply. So any type of helmet has a challan. If we go into the details of wearing a helmet, we will get a challan…

Wear a helmet like this
1. As per rules..helmet should be made of strong material. It should be properly shaped to protect the person’s head in the event of an accident. 2. Helmet must be properly worn on the driver’s head. Its strap should also be tied. That means just wearing a helmet is not enough. According to the rules your helmet.. 1. The weight of the helmet should be up to 1.2 kg. 2. The helmet should be of high quality, its minimum thickness should be 20-25 mm. 3. According to the Ministry of Road Transport, Highways, all helmets must have the ISI mark. Wearing and selling helmets without ISI mark is a legal offence. 4. A transparent eye cover should be used in the helmet. 5. It is also very important that the helmet is BIS certified. 6. If you are caught using an illegal helmet, neglecting to follow any instructions.. your helmet will be confiscated.

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