MLC Result Analysis: What do the MLC election results for graduates mean? Is TDP resurgent?

MLC Result Analysis: What do the MLC election results for graduates mean?  Is TDP resurgent?


MLC Result Analysis : In Andhra Pradesh‌ local body quota, teacher, graduate and MLA quota elections are going on consecutively. The ruling party has an undisputed majority in the local bodies. Won easily. Despite the propaganda that there was opposition in the teachers’ circles, YSRCP candidates won in both the seats. But there was a shock in the constituencies of graduates. YCP is likely to win seven seats in the MLA quota. What do the results of this election say? Is public opinion against the government? Is TDP on the rise?

YCP in local bodies and teacher constituencies!

YCP has shown its strength in local body graduate constituencies. Won all positions. But this victory is not to be taken into consideration because MPTCs and ZPTCs who won on behalf of YCP will exercise their right to vote in this election. So nobody wins but them. But in the case of teacher   graduates, we must think that YCP has done magic. Because the campaign has been going on for years that the teachers are strongly opposed to the government. However, the teachers won by fielding candidates in the MLC positions. Some people are analyzing that the YCP got the votes of private teachers well, but did not get the support of government teachers. Any cause is a win-win. YCP won the MLC seats even though the votes were less. 

YCP got a shock with the result of Pattabhadra constituencies! It is being discussed. It is embarrassing for the party that the MLC lost with a huge margin in Uttarandhra, which was declared as the capital. And in districts of Rayalaseema like Kanchukot, the graduates have turned towards TDP. Not only in Uttar Andhra, but also in East Rayalaseema and West West, YSRCP is facing a difficult situation.  Expectations on the government are high. But.. things are not as expected and it is believed that the wind has blown against the YSRCP in the districts which are known to have a strong hold.  Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur. There is nothing to say about YSRCP’s hold in these three districts. TDP has only two MLAs for all three districts. They are also from Anantapur district. It is a constituency where graduates have to vote unilaterally. But the results did not come like that. 
Only if it is reviewed and corrected  

YSR‌CP government is in a kind of opinion that they are ruling as public entertainment. It is clear from the latest MLC developments that they are not interested in knowing the situation at the field level. Since no such experience has been encountered in direct elections so far, it can be assumed that such precautions have not been taken. It is interesting whether the government will be serious about this even now.  The analysis is being heard more and more to stop political attacks on opponents and devote maximum time to people. Because if you target political opponents..  it will give them strength. But it will be minus for those who are targeted. When the election is less than a year away..  It can be thought that the ruling party needs to review the MLC elections of these graduates.. to identify the errors and correct them. 

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