Mlc Elections Counting: MLC Elections Counting is ongoing in Telugu states, suspense over the position of Uttarandhra graduates!

Mlc Elections Counting: MLC Elections Counting is ongoing in Telugu states, suspense over the position of Uttarandhra graduates!

Mlc Elections Counting : MLC election counting is going on in Telugu states. Elections were recently held for nine seats in AP and one seat in Telangana. Counting of these started at 8 am on Thursday.  Mahabubnagar-Rangareddy-Hyderabad Upadhyay MLC election counting is still going on. In the counting of the results, the counting of the first priority votes has already been completed… In the first priority votes, AVN Reddy got 7505 votes and Chennakesava Reddy got 6584 votes, EC officials announced. In the first  preference votes, AVN Reddy is leading by 921 votes. Officials said that AVN Reddy got more than 50 percent lead. Officials said there were 452 invalid votes in the first preference votes. Officials are currently counting the second priority votes. Election staff will eliminate those who get the lowest number of votes in the counting of second preference votes. The magic figure is 12709. 

Excitement over the MLC counting of Uttarandhra graduates 
The counting of MLC votes of Uttarandhra graduates is going on.  Officials found that about 15  votes were registered less.  28 tables are set up, 25 each with 40 cuts, one thousand votes are counted on one table. Counting of votes will continue in 8 rounds. Each round is expected to take approximately one hour to one and a half hours. In view of the case filed in the High Court, there is a doubt whether the final result will be revealed or not. YSR&CP candidates are continuing to dominate in the ongoing MLC elections. YSR&CP candidate Ramachandra Reddy is in the forefront for West Rayalaseema Upadhyay MLC. East Rayalaseema Teacher‌ MLC Counting‌ Second Round‌ At the end, YSRCP candidate Chandrasekhar Reddy was leading. In West Godavari MLC election, YCP candidates Kavuru Srinivas‌,  Vanka Rabindranath‌ Succeeded. Kavuru Srinivas got 481 votes while Vanka Rabindranath got 460 votes, election officials said. YCP candidate in Kurnool MLC election Dr‌ Madhusudan Rao won. YCP candidate Nartu Rama Rao won the MLC election of Srikakulam local bodies.

It is estimated that the counting of MLC votes of Uttarandhra graduates will take 48 hours. More than 2 lakh votes were cast in six districts. In the elections held in 2007, 2011 and 2017, the candidates won here with the second preference vote. It is reported that this time also that vote will be crucial. Swarna Bharati Indoor&zwnj in Visakhapatnam In the stadium, 500 election personnel are formed into four teams and are participating in the counting of votes in phases. Counting of 2,00,926 votes in seven rounds is expected to take at least 10 to 12 hours.

Unanimity in these 5 seats

Election officials have announced that 5 seats belonging to Anantapur, Kadapa, Nellore, East Godavari and Chittoor districts have already been unanimously elected. 

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