MLC Election Results: MV Ramachandra Reddy Wins In Teachers’ Quota – TDP With Huge Majority Here

MLC Election Results: MV Ramachandra Reddy Wins In Teachers’ Quota – TDP With Huge Majority Here

MV Ramachandra Reddy won as Upadhyay MLC of Kadapa – Anantapur – Kurnool districts. Counting of votes was carried out from 08:00 am on Thursday morning and till 04:00 am on Friday morning as part of the counting of MLC elections for Kadapa-Anantapur-Kurnool district teachers constituency in JNTU college in Anantapur city. Joint Collector Ketan Garg announced that no candidate got a proper majority in the counting of first preference votes, after which the process of elimination was carried out and MV Ramachandra Reddy (supported by YCP) won by a margin of 169 votes. He said that V. Ramachandra Reddy got 10,787 votes. The Joint Collector said that MV Ramachandra Reddy’s victory will be announced after the official approval of the Election Commission.

 East Rayalaseema Teacher‌ YSRCP candidate Parvathreddy Chandrasekhar Reddy won the MLC position. Parvathareddy Chandrasekhar Reddy won with second preference votes. They won with a lead of about 2 thousand.

YCP won in those four places, 5 were unanimous

YSR‌ CP candidates won. It secured all 9 seats. In these 5 places, YSR‌ CP candidates were elected unanimously. YASR‌ CP candidates are victorious.

Continued graduate MLC counting

TDP candidate Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao is leading after four rounds of Uttarandhra graduate MLC seat. He continues to have a huge lead of 18,371 votes over his nearest rival, Sithamraju Sudhakar, who contested from YCP.

When the three rounds of West Rayalaseema MLC elections were completed, YSRCP candidate Vennapusa Ravindra Reddy was leading by 1,943 votes. Ravindra Reddy got 28,872 votes in the three rounds.. TDP candidate Bhumi Reddy Ramagopal Reddy got 26,929 votes. When 3 rounds were completed there, TDP candidate Kancharla Srikanth‌ Leading by 9,558 votes. Srikanth got 49,173 votes in three rounds. YCP candidate Shyam Prasad Reddy got 39,615 votes. 

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