MLA Kotamreddy House Arrest – Tension in Nellore

MLA Kotamreddy House Arrest – Tension in Nellore

Nellore Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy was arrested by the police. He was prevented from coming out of the house. A large police force was deployed around his house. Police have also been deployed at the houses of his followers and are not allowing anyone to come out.

Today, MLA Kotamreddy said that the construction work of the Christian Community Hall will be started. As the government did not care, they collected each brick from the churches in Nellore. They will start working with them. The police surrounded his house as there was a possibility of protesting at the place allotted to the Christian Community Hall in Gandhinagar. In the past too, the police stopped them while they were going to protest at Pottepalem Kalju. Now he has been stopped once again. 

It is known that Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy has announced that he will fight for the establishment of Christian Community Hall in Nellore city. He has given a deadline to the government till 18th of this month and he has taken up protest programs. First they sent requests to the government with postcards, then through messages and WhatsApp messages, the seriousness of the problem was brought to their attention. However, due to lack of response from the government, he proposed to undertake the construction of the community hall himself. Bricks were collected from the churches.. Police stopped him from going to Gandhi Nagar area this morning to start the work. House arrested. 

Mla Kotam Reddy said there is no fear of arrest. It is said that you cannot stop the sunlight by covering your palm. Arresting him alone will not solve the problems, he said, if the government is sincere, it should solve the problems first. MLA Kotam Reddy said that in the last four years, once in 2019, once in 2021 and once in 2022, he met the Chief Minister as a local MLA and signed 3 times for the grant of 6 crore rupees for the construction of Christian Community Hall, but it did not work.

Kotam Reddy satirized that even though the CM had signed three times, there was no success. MLA Kotam Reddy said that after talking to the then District Collector, he also arranged for 150 acres of land for the Christian Community Hall in Vedayapalem and Gandhi Nagar. He said that he is prepared to fight directly on behalf of the people as a legislator who stayed away from the ruling party in a situation where there was nothing else. MLA Kotamreddy questioned the government whether only 6 crore funds cannot be given for the construction of a Christian community hall which will benefit thousands of Christian brothers. 

If they do not make a public announcement that 6 crore funds will be released for the Christian community hall in Nellore, one brick will be removed from every church. They were brought and earlier warned that they will protest with the Christian brothers at the place of Christian Community Hall in Gandhi Nagar. As such, bricks were collected from each church. He went to Gandhi Nagar on Monday evening to check the arrangements, and the police stopped him from going to Gandhi Nagar this morning. 

Mla Kotam Reddy says that it is not reasonable for the police to surround the houses of him and his followers as well. They said that they are trying to undermine them with the arrests. He made it clear that despite YCP being in power, things are not working, that’s why he left the party and will fight on behalf of the people. 

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