MK Stalin – YS Jagan: Jal Jagadam.. Do not build dams on that river.. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin’s letter to CM Jagan..

CM Stalin Letter To Jagan : Water dispute started between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states. To this extent, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin has written a letter to AP CM Jagan in this regard. They said that they are condemning the dams being constructed by the AP government on Kusashthali river. He suggested that the AP government should not build any dams without discussing with the Tamil Nadu government. CM Stalin said in the letter that if the construction of two dams is done, there will be a complete drinking water problem for Chennai. Tamil Nadu CM Stalin said in the letter that the AP government has granted permission for the construction of two reservoirs on Kushasthali river in Katarapalli and Mukkalakandigai villages of Chittoor district. Due to this, the Poondi Reservoir, which is being constructed to provide drinking water to the city of Chennai, will not receive water, the letter said.

The AP government has taken up projects to divert the water to 20 ponds in a chain system so that if the Kusashthali river floods near Nagari on the border of Tamil Nadu, it will be diverted to the sea instead of being wasted. The AP government tried to divert water from the Kusathali river and supply it to the ponds, but due to the floods in 2017, the attempt failed. Since then the work has not been undertaken. Even though it has rained extensively, the water from the Kusathali river is not reaching the ponds but is getting wasted in the sea. Due to this, the farmers of Nagari area are suffering.

However.. Tamil Nadu government has not objected till now, even though they are trying to build dams here. But now with CM Stalin writing a letter, the water dispute between the two states has come to the fore.

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