Minister Roja: This is why Kodali Nani and I left TDP.. Minister Roja’s interesting comments

Minister Roja: The war of words between the ruling and opposition leaders in AP is going on in a range. It goes on like you are one, I am two. Tourism Minister RK Roja has recently criticized the behavior of TDP leaders. He made sensational comments saying that if he talks beyond the boundaries of TDP.. Will people like TDP leaders and activists come to the houses of Kodali Nani and Ambati Rambabu..? In fact, Roja complained that the TDP could not even see a white hair in Kodali Nani’s beard. Lokesh MLC, who pressured his father with his wife and mother, made sensational allegations that he became a minister. Roja said that TDP only showed graphics.. So YSRCP won in Amaravati too. Need a three-zone development? Roja advised the TDP leaders not to go to the public if they want Amaravati. Minister Roja predicted that if the people of 29 villages in the original capital Amaravati remove the YCP flag, the people of 26 districts of the state will attack the TDP with their fingers. Lokesh who can’t go to the public to question women and Chandrababu who can’t come to the assembly, what is the criticism on us? He made harsh comments. Don’t do a program that just pisses people off and wastes everyone’s time. Minister Roja said that people will not let you enter the state if you do a program that creates problems for law and order.

TDP was in power for 5 years and YSRCP won two MLA seats in Amaravati in 2019 just because of showing graphics in green media. YSRCP won because it was recognized that justice was not done to the farmers and people of this region during the TDP regime. The useless TDP people are saying that they will shake the YCP and shake the government. Roja suggested that the TDP leaders should know that you and your benami are doing real estate business in 29 villages.

He reminded that if the Congress insulted the great leader YSRCP, 18 MLAs would resign and come out. If all the MPs resigned for special status and went to the elections, the people supported those MPs. Similarly, if the people of the three regions of Amaravati are demanding what TDP wants, why should we resign? Do TDP people resign and want three regions? He pointed out that there is a lot of development in Amaravati itself which means that people know what they want that day.

Roja made sensational comments saying that CM Jagan should resign every time. CM Jagan has become an unstoppable leader by reassuring the people with his own flag and agenda. He fulfilled every promise he made. Roja said that CM Jagan is moving forward like a child in every home.

Kodali Nani said that she came from the TDP. After NTR, Chandrababu came and destroyed the party and the state for his selfishness. Roja made sensational comments that she left the party. What is wrong with Kodali Nani's words? . If Kodali can't answer Nani's questions, will the women be sent home? Minister Roja said that we all will stand by YCP leader.

Kodali Nani said that they will go to the houses of MLAs and scare them, so they should bear it.. They have seen how TDP did things. They said that they saw Minister Vishwaroop's house burnt down and Ambati Rambabu's house attacked. No matter what TDP does, police should not say anything to them. Police should not file cases. The minister commented on a daily basis that if the wrongdoers are questioned, the TDP leaders will resort to partisan actions. Minister Roja made sensational comments that if the YCP leaders were to serve the people, then the TDP leaders were doing rowdyism. And it remains to be seen how the TDP leaders will respond to the allegations on Roja's comments.

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